When you meet the right person, you will realize how easy it is supposed to be

When we finally meet the right person, we develop a form of trust in the other that is unfamiliar to us. We look at each other and we know.

In the past, it is likely that you have experienced only blurred boundaries and confusion. Conflicting games and signals.

But all of these things suddenly disappear.

When we finally meet the right person, we experience a form of uncertainty, not only in ourselves and in our judgment, but also in the other and in his gestures to reassure us.

In the past, you always felt like you were stepping on eggs. Each faux pas could have led you to the end or to the departure of the other and you had to be careful.

But suddenly it’s like you don’t have to worry about anything anymore because that person accepts you in everything that you are.

When we finally meet the right person, we realize that what we call “home” has never been a place, but is rather a person who gives us every reason to stay.

In the past, the only role of places was to bring up regrets in the form of names.

But suddenly, this person recreates everything and reshapes it into something beautiful.

When we find the right person, we find ourselves no longer brooding over the past and allowing it to haunt us, but looking forward to the future, because we find in the eyes of another, a peace we had never known.

In the past, you took your relationships from day to day, knowing that everything could change at any time.

All of a sudden, this person teaches you what a relationship should look like.

When you finally meet the right person, she introduces you to her friends and family, because she wants them to know the one (or the one) who made her capsize.

In the past, all people did was give you excuses for why it was impossible to meet their families.

Suddenly this person teaches you what being serious means.

When we finally meet the right person, we meet a person who cares about us as much as we care about others.

In the past, there were efforts on your side and the hope that the person opposite would return them to you. But she was just taking, never giving.

Suddenly, this person is the very example of all that you have always deserved. She wants to make a difference.

Because it’s not just about conquering you, it’s about giving you a reason to stay.