If he really falls for you, he will automatically do these 7 things

Women often tell me that they are worried about whether a guy really likes them. It’s understandable. When we like a cute guy and we feel a kind of chemistry, we want to know what he thinks! You just have to know that the signals are generally more than obvious. The rule of thumb is: if you have to spend hours analyzing things, it is not for you.

The mother of an old friend once said to me: “When you like a guy, you know, there is no need to ask a thousand questions. It is absolutely true. For those with a tendency to twist their brains, here are a few ways to find out where you are with a guy.

1. He thinks of you, romantically speaking, and offers you romantic gifts.

Flowers, poems, jewelry, etc. It is not a question of money, but rather of the love and cares it takes to choose these things for you. Maybe he even makes things for you. The purchase of useful gifts comes from reason and is generally reserved for family members. Romantic gifts come from the heart.

2. He invites you to go out in advance.

You are not a last-minute thought. He thinks of you a lot. It is, of course, possible that he tries to meet you spontaneously. But it also plans outings in advance and invites you soon enough.

3. He introduces you to his family and friends.

He wants them to meet you. Because he is happy and in love, he wants you to meet (unless he is not very close to his family in which case, he will not want you to meet them immediately and maybe not at all .) This can also happen if, for example, you live in Paris and its parents in the south of France. If a man has a foot outside, he doesn’t care if you meet his family, he doesn’t care about meeting yours or making a good impression.

4. During your appointments, he pays the bill.

It’s not about the money, but when a man is in love, he wants to take care of you and impress you. He wishes to court you in due form. He wants to support you!

5. He loves you unconditionally and does not see your faults.

He keeps repeating to you that he wants you to change. He’s not telling you that your arms should look more like those sport models. He is happy with you, as you are.

6. A real man takes initiatives.

He will invite you out and ask for your hand. He will take the reins and get straight to the point. He may be careful, but he will always try to know how to take your relationship to the next level, without being too pushy. (It sometimes happens that a man takes a long time to make his request, that it is necessary to question him about his intentions to end up being forced to ask him an ultimatum. Beyond that, a man, a real will advance things of itself).

7. He knows early on that you are the right one and he has big plans, even if he doesn’t tell you.

From your first date, he wonders how to impress you and make you happy. He will usually have plans as to where to eat and where to take you after to make your meetings last. He thinks about where he could take you one day, to ask you. He is constantly thinking about you and how to move forward by your side.