12 Reasons why old souls find it so hard to find love

1. They have a very developed sense of identity.

They know who they are, which also means that they know what they do and what they expect from their partner, what works and what doesn’t. While this is a great quality when it comes to choosing carefully, it also narrows their field of possibilities quite significantly.

2. If not controlled, their ultra-intuitiveness can destroy their relationships.

Tending to over-analysis and because of their deep sensitivity, their ability to worry and make assumptions is capable of breaking relationships that do not yet have solid foundations.

3. Many are involved in relationships with twin flames.

They are attached or in a relationship with people who are not their “half”, rather than intimately linked with people from whom they are supposed to learn and enrich themselves.

4. They often have bigger designs to accomplish first – from which love would distract them.

They usually have things to do on their own before they can find love – and that is because old souls love deeply and completely. Being given this love too soon would prevent them from doing the important things for which they are intended.

5. They will settle for nothing less than a soul mate.

They need much more than an “average” or surface relationship. They will settle for nothing less and often it comes down to clenching your teeth and being alone longer than the “average”.

6. While there are many who can offer them passion, few are compatible with them.

Because their feelings are very deep and others find them extremely fascinating, it is easy for them to have a crush. But being with someone who is a true best friend, a trusted confidant and * a * lover is a challenge.

7. They don’t tend to go out and meet people in the “modern” way.

Even if they have nothing against online dating, it is not very natural for them. As are the adventures of one evening or the cruising by a stranger.

8. They are natural healers and often attract people who need help, not love.

And this attraction is reciprocal. Nothing is as pleasant for an old soul as helping someone who really needs it. However, at some point, it is crucial that they realize that they must choose a life partner, not a student or a social case.

9. They don’t like to “play”.

Dating is something exhausting for an old soul. Feign a lack of interest to look “cool” or look for which faux pas will act as a love kill on the other (how long does it take to write to the other after a first date do you?) is not natural for them and can become more stressful than “fun”.

10. Their requirements are extremely high.

They expect a lot from themselves and also from their partner. While it is good, it is another quality that must be kept under control: it is more important to accept qualities that are not unacceptable than to separate from someone because he is imperfect.

11. They carry certain baggage.

People who have developed their inner selves quickly have succeeded for a reason: they have had to fend for themselves, they have had to grow up or they have had to learn from painful experiences that life has put in their way. Again, this is a good thing in itself, but unresolved issues can resurface.

12. They experience fear as intensely as they experience love.

The degree of love they feel for someone equals their fear of losing them, or of not being “good enough” in their eyes. They do not just love intensely, they feel everything intensely and sometimes, this hinders all the beautiful things that happen to them.