When you meet the “one”, you will know

One day, maybe in the near future and maybe even before, you will meet the person who was always intended for you. And you will find this person without even having looked for him. You’ll know it’s her before you even meet her. The moment you lay your eyes on each other and speak, you will know. It will be different. It will be special and you will know it. It will hit you in the face. It will obviously be a little more subtle. But despite the subtlety, you will be sure.

You may meet this person during a meeting arranged by one of your friends. You may meet her because she will notice that you read one of her favorite novels in any cafe where you happen to be at the same time. Or maybe you will find yourself simply working on the same project in the office, even though you have never met before. It will be a chance encounter. It is something that will seem to come out of nowhere.

However, it has nothing to do with chance and it is only with hindsight that you will understand it. It is fate, pulling with its magic, the strings that control your life. Despite the place, the manner and the chance of your initial meeting, something special will take place. There will be specific energy in the room. A sparkle is rich in meaning that none of you can ignore. From that moment, you will not know it yet, but you will remember every detail for the rest of your life.

We don’t really think about it at the start. We know that there is something special but we have already been heartbroken and we have already been dropped so much. We learned to be pessimistic. We have trained not to have too much hope in this area because we no longer want to be disappointed. So many times we have found ourselves in relationships that did not work as we wanted … We invested emotionally for people who ended up abandoning us – without any pain. We want to stay on guard because we are tired of dealing with “relationships” for which we have the impression of being the one (or the) alone (e) to make efforts. We no longer want to be heartbroken but we are preparing for it, given our little luck in love.

On the other hand, when you meet the person who has been meant for you all this time, you will forget all your fears. This person will lead you to forget all your apprehensions. You will forget all your hesitations and get rid of all your reservations. When we meet the person who is intended for us, the idea of ​​love is haloed in a new light – and you will focus on this light with all your strength. This person will bring to you all the feelings that you have dreamed of experiencing for so long.

Instead of feeling alone and isolated, this person will make you feel like you have all the tools you need to get everything you want from life. She will push and support you in the midst of your battles and challenges. Rather than being anxious about the uncertainty of your relationship, the idea of ​​tomorrow will intoxicate and excite you. Rather than being nervous and irritable, you will be comfortable and in good company. Rather than constantly feeling judged and insecure, you will feel accepted for what you are and no longer just for what you have to offer.

When you meet the love of your life; the person who is intended for us for the rest of our days, we experience a whirlwind of emotions. We are as scared as we are excited. But above all, we are happy. Because in the end, it is the goal of love. It is supposed to make us happy. And it is when we reach this level of joy that we know that we are destined to be together.