Why being a submissive wife has its advantages

Marriage is a complicated business. It comes with all kinds of roller coaster thrills and unexpected events. Although there are happy moments that make the sacrifices and the blood and sweat worth it, it’s safe to say that you can never be fully prepared. It is a relationship full of surprises. As long as you both assume everything is in order, BOOM! Another problem needs your immediate attention. Why do such conflicts arise? They arise because after leading two completely separate lives, with different family backgrounds, growing up under completely different values, both parties are destined to be very different from each other. There will be many events where the husband and wife will have different opinions and reasonable facts to support their opinion. Most of the time, These differences are resolved through discussion and finding common ground, but in many other cases, one partner is dominant and the other is submissive. This means that whatever the dominant partner says is the final decision and the sub will simply accept it. This article will shed light on the advantages of being a submissive wife, its cons, what it really means and why being submissive does not mean that you are weak.

What does it mean to be submissive?

Being submissive means obediently following another person and settling for what they decide to do. Some of the synonyms for the qualities of a submissive person are passive, shy, patient, meek, and manageable.

When it comes to the wife being submissive, this means that the husband is in the driver’s seat and you are okay with him taking complete control while you are in the passenger seat. Let’s look at this aspect at a deeper level.

Why being submissive does not mean that you are weak and bullied

You’d be surprised how much strength it takes when it comes to being submissive. The fact that being submissive is considered weak will continue to surprise me considering the amount of self-control, patience, and self-confidence. These are all qualities of strong people and not weak ones. In a relationship, being submissive can also mean being smart about exposing your needs and meeting them without disagreements or fights. Being a submissive wife is associated with an abusive husband who does not take his wife’s needs and happiness into account, but we must change that because I am not encouraging women to tolerate abuse, I am encouraging women to prioritize happiness. of home. If you are being bullied or abused, do not tolerate it in the name of submission, but get out of the marriage immediately.

The pros of being submissive

There are always two sides to a coin. Sure there are some downsides to being submissive, but there are also some benefits that work as a motivator for submissive women.

1 Respect

There is a universal rule when it comes to respecting… Give respect and receive respect. When the dominant party continually receives respect from the submissive partner, he is obligated to reciprocate. When one of the parties is clearly submissive, be it a woman, there is a clear line of respect between the couple. When there is no disagreement or debate about who is the decision-maker in the home, there are no arguments, and both partners respect and love each other.

2. Peaceful home

Marriage is a paradox of random things. Similarly, it is strong and sensitive at the same time. One of its strengths is the peace it brings to the members of the house. Your partner should be someone who gives you a break from the chaos of this world. If only chaos is what they offer each other, maybe it’s time to reconsider if it’s worth it. One of the many things that a submissive wife ensures is that the home is peaceful, free from mindless fighting and chaos so that both partners can flourish and grow together in a calm and positive environment.

3. No headache in decision making

Decision-making can be a very stressful responsibility. When it comes to your home, it can be even more pressing than other decisions. When you are the submissive, you don’t have to worry about how to handle which is just one of the many advantages a submissive wife has. You can have fun, hang out with friends and do whatever you want, and leave all the worrying decisions to your loving husband. Your husband will only do what is best for both of you and your marriage, so you know that the decision is in reliable hands.

The cons of being submissive

Being a submissive wife also has its drawbacks. Some of those disadvantages are discussed below.

1. Sometimes you crave control

There are times when you also want to be heard, but being submissive, you know that is not going to happen. This is one of the downsides of being submissive in a relationship.

2. The husband is the one who makes the decisions

The submissive wife listens to what her husband decides, which means that he has no control over the decision related to the home. If there is a decision that you are really uncomfortable with, try to politely discuss it with your husband. It is the husband’s responsibility to make his wife happy when he is the dominant one, so being in charge, chances are high that he will listen to you, but of course, the final decision will be his.

3. High chances of being manipulated

If you are submissive and your husband is not a good person, this means that you have given control of your life and your marriage to an unfit man. This increases the chances that you will be manipulated and the relationship will become toxic. You should be aware of when to release when this is the case. Because if you decide to hold on, it will only result in you being completely unhappy and if you decide to have children, they will learn unhealthy relationship behaviors.

So should I be submissive or not?

You don’t have to change for a marriage to work. It’s not about what you should be, but what you are and who you are compatible with. Ask yourself if being a follower brings you happiness from within or not. If so, being a submissive wife is your best option because it will bring nothing but happiness and joy to your marriage. If your personality is dominant, changing it just to make your marriage work will make you unhappy on the inside. This should be entirely your decision and what you are comfortable with. If you and your husband have commanding personalities and you’re both willing to find common ground and meet halfway through, that’s the way to go. When two people love each other, they do not demand the other at random. The basis of marriage must be love, otherwise, it can’t be a happy home… If your husband has a submissive personality, you can resolve a situation in which both of you are comfortable with your decision-making. Whatever makes you both happy and love is alive is the right way … changing who you are is not.


The bottom line is that there is no harm or insult in being the submissive. None at all! In fact, we’ve all heard of the proverb that the opposite attracts. Domination is a trait that has historically been more prominent in men than submission in women. With changing times, the world has progressed and the concept of equality has prevailed. This does not mean that you have to follow what others are following. If being submissive brings you happiness and your male counterpart is happy to be the dominant one, then go for it. It can be the other way around or both can participate equally in decision-making, as long as both agree. Being the submissive partner has its pros and cons.