Why it’s impossible to just be friends with someone you love

Here’s why I think you can’t be friends with someone you love

1. You will analyze all of his every move. 

Had he put on his 31 today? Did he look at you a little differently? You are going to magnify every little action because you want to believe that you both feel the same.

2. It will be inconvenient for your other friends. 

Because they know or can smell it, and always get stuck in the middle.

3. You will always hope for more. 

Or wondering if you might end up together someday, and that keeps you from fully investing yourself with other people because you keep hope.

4. You will constantly compare him to your partners. 

And that’s unfair because you have a lot of memories together, jokes, mutual friends, and more things to talk about, so of course, you will enjoy more time with him.

5. You will never get further if you remain friends.

If you’ve been friends for years, that won’t change overnight and you’ll just have a harder time moving forward or even falling in love with someone else.

6. You will never be a good friend.

Because a part of you will always be a little selfish with that person, and you will never love your partner completely or support the person the way you should if they are going through a breakup because you will be happy deep down.

7. You will hesitate to present it to the person you are dating.

Because the person you are dating could easily understand how you are feeling and know that you love your “friend”.

8. You will always be a “threat” to the person they are dating.

Because it can also mean that you want more, that you know too much, or maybe that you invest too much.

9. You will always treat him like a romantic partner. 

You cancel your plans if he wants to see you, and you will always prioritize him over your other ‘friends’.

10. You will never have enough. 

You’ll always want more time together, deeper conversations, more travel, and more quality time just the two of you because that’s what you really want.