Is it a good time to live as a couple?

Have you been in a relationship with your Jules for some time and are you planning to take the plunge by moving in together? Congratulations!

But I imagine that if you read this article, it is that you still have doubts … Rest assured, this great stage in the life of a couple is scary, and it is completely normal that you are anxious.

To help you see more clearly, Seduce a Man is interested in this step more than essential.

I. The reality of married life

I don’t teach you anything if I tell you that the daily life of a couple in cohabitation is not always rosy. You have to know how to accept the manias of your spouse, these faults which become more annoying every day, the obligatory headaches, etc.

Of course, you also need to know how to deal with routine, domestic worries, and everyone’s sensitivities. Reading me, one might think that moving in with two is more of an obstacle course than the consecration of love.

But rest assured, this observation is to be qualified. If living together has disadvantages, it also has a multitude of advantages.

What could be nicer than being able to hide in the arms of your lover after work? What to have a confidant listening to him 24 hours a day?

Your companion will support you, make you laugh, and reassure you. Not to mention the complicity and the good times that you will spend together.

You can elevate your relationship to a stage you could never have achieved by living on your own.

II. Two essential qualities for living as a couple

Living as a couple is not always easy.

In order for your life as a couple to go as smoothly as possible, you will both need to combine at least two essential qualities.

Quality n ° 1: know how to compromise

The life of a couple requires knowing how to make concessions. Your Jules is not perfect, and neither are you. When your partner does something that you find annoying, think twice before trying to get their attention.

Is it something that can be changed easily? Will it require a lot of effort on his part?

If you don’t even think that your partner can change the point that annoys you without having to fight with him for years and years, let it flow.

If you decide to return to the subject as often as possible, you will find that you will experience even more annoyance than if you do not pay more attention to it.

Quality n ° 2: knowing how to keep routine at a distance

It’s not a secret. When you live as a couple, the risk of falling into the routine is all the greater. So that this does not happen to you, know how to surprise your Jules.

Do not hesitate to get out of the ordinary with surprises, gifts, little attention!

But that’s not all; you must also continue to prove your feelings to each other. Couples who have lived together for some time tend to forget to prove that they care about each other.

Don’t make this mistake!

III. Moving in with two or not is above all a question of feeling

Before making the decision to settle in with your Jules, you must ask yourself one single question: “do I feel ready?” ”

I can’t give you foolproof advice to help you decide if it’s a good time to live as a couple. Know how to trust your intuition.

After all, even if you later realize that you have made an error in judgment, you are not bound hand and foot, stuck in Jules.

As the saying goes: “The biggest risk in life is not to take it”!

And you? Tell us about your life experiences together!