10 bad habits that weaken your relationship

In a couple, as time goes by, little habits end up settling in the couple. While some are cute and strengthen the couple (a gentleman who goes to get croissants and a bouquet of flowers every Sunday for example!), Others are much less positive and can even be harmful for the relationship …

Here are 10 bad habits that weaken a couple.

  1. Stay glued 24 hours a day

What is good in a couple is when each takes care to cultivate his little secret garden in addition to the common garden that he maintains with the other (a metaphor sponsored by Algoflash!). Because always doing everything together, telling each other everything, never taking off, it is certainly very fusional, but above all, it gives the impression that we know the other by heart, and that they no longer have any secrets. for us. Not very exciting, frankly …

  1. Say nothing to each other at all

Conversely, playing it too personal, never entrusting anything to the other, and living as a single person while in a relationship, that is not great either. Keep a part of the mystery, ok, but remain silent and never communicate, that’s no!

  1. Put on “comfortable” clothes when you get home

Everyone knows that jogging pants and slippers are more comfortable than high-waisted skinny jeans and pumps. But frankly, for the s**xy side, jogging-slippers is really not that. And then honestly, putting on some yucky clothes when you get home, what does that send a message to Jules, apart from “you, I don’t need to seduce you anymore, so I don’t make any more effort”?

  1. Plan everything constantly

Ah, routine is undoubtedly the number 1 enemy of couples! A little tip to prevent her from gaining a foothold in the relationship? Stop constantly planning everything, and leave a little room for the unexpected, for change, for spontaneity …

  1. Invite others to bed

Uhhh, we are obviously talking figuratively here eh … By third party, we mean: TV, telephone, tablet, Medor the dog or Minou the cat. Because as a reminder, the bedroom (and the bed) is the couple’s little cocoon, the place where they can get together just two … But if everyone spends their time on their phone or laptop, hello exchanges!

  1. Pee with the door open

So that everyone can continue to look at the other with stars in the eyes, it is imperative to never leave the toilet door open when you are there. It’s like that and not otherwise, period.

  1. Watch your call history

Because it is well known, curiosity is a bad thing. Even if it is normal to “want to know” with whom your partner is chatting or with whom we heard him laughing earlier, it is important to know how to repress yourself when your cell phone is lying around on the living room table. . Confidence is essential cement for a couple …

  1. Refer to past relationships

“At least Marc knew how to cook”, “Antoine invited me all the time to a restaurant, him”, “after 3 months of relationship with Sébastien, I had already met his parents” … When we say things like that, we say to ourselves that it will put a little not too bad pressure on our spouse. But he feels judged, belittled, and says to himself that we definitely have quite a record on the guys side. Oops!

  1. Being deliberately hurtful

When you’ve been in a relationship with someone for a while, you know their strengths … and their weaknesses too. And take advantage of these to support where it hurts in the event of an argument, it is as petty as it is not very constructive. So when you feel that you are on the verge of exceeding the limits, you turn your tongue 7 times in your mouth, wondering “and if he told me that, how would I take it?” “.

  1. Washing dirty laundry in public

Wanting to take others to task during an argument, it often happens, it is human to try to rally others to your cause. But frankly, apart from a big discomfort (on the part of others), a feeling of betrayal (on the part of the spouse), and a non-appeasement of tensions, it never brings anything good! Resolving couple conflicts is done as a couple, period!