10 cruel laws about love you can’t avoid

All relationships change over time. 

The more time you spend together, the more changes happen. Some of them can be scary or disturbing.

However, if you take a closer look at them, it will be clear that they are just a new stage in your love.

We invite you to read 10 laws on love that each couple faces.

1. Confidence is extremely fragile.

All relationships are built on trust, and sometimes that can seem very solid. It is a very deceptive and dangerous feeling because the trust between spouses can be broken very quickly and easily.

2. Sometimes you will be bored together.

It is only in dreams that an ideal couple does everything together, never getting bored. In real life, a book or meeting with friends might be more interesting than a night out with your spouse. It doesn’t mean that there is a distance between you. Rest a little separately, and soon you will be having fun together again.

3. You won’t always be on the same side.

Even if you make all the important decisions unanimously, sooner or later a time will come when you will be on opposing views on a matter of principle. It’s important not to get angry with your soulmate and find a way out of this situation together. 

4. Marriage and children are not a decision – they are a challenge.

Many people mistakenly believe that marriage will make their relationship stronger or that children can bridge a gap between spouses. However, marriage and parenthood are very difficult tests, and there is nothing wrong with that. You will learn to be a good partner and parent, just like you learned to ride a bike before. Yes, you fell a few times, but it got a lot better over time.

5. You will not be attracted to each other forever.

A relationship is insanely passionate only at the beginning. The passion goes away, and the love life becomes calmer. Sometimes this can become a problem. The most important thing is not to fall into despair and think that maybe you weren’t meant to be together. You can fix everything.


6. You will feel lonely sometimes.

It may seem that a relationship – and marriage even more – is the opposite of loneliness, but that’s not really true. Sometimes you will feel lonely, and there may be times when it seems like no one understands you and no one cares about you. Everyone has these kinds of thoughts from time to time, regardless of whether these people are married or not. 

7. You will have strange thoughts.

“Should I get a divorce? “Could I have been happier with someone else?” Such thoughts can happen to even the happiest of couples: people often think about these things at night or when they are alone. What would my life be like if I was born in India?

8. You will lose connection from time to time.

Sometimes you feel like your destiny, and your heart, is connected to the person you love. And sometimes that connection seems to go away. It’s normal. Most likely, you are just very tired.


9. You will hurt each other.

No one can hurt you more than the person you love. You take his words to heart more than anyone else’s. In the middle of an argument, your partner may also press down where it hurts the most. You are going to hurt each other. The most important thing is to deal with problems when they appear, not when it’s too late.

10. Love cannot survive on its own.

Many people often remind us that “love” can also be a verb. It’s an action, not just a feeling. We have to work on our relationships. We have to do it together: a partner cannot do it alone.