10 different ways to kiss

Because kisses are the most beautiful, the simplest, the most pleasant, the most symbolic of physical demonstrations of love, it is essential that you regularly kiss your partner !!! (In addition, kissing your sweetheart is good for your health !). And as it is always more pleasant to vary the pleasures, let’s discover together what to subtly put a little spice in your married life, here are 10 different ways to kiss! So, ready for a short kiss? See how many you know!

1 / The French Kiss

Aaaah, certainly the most famous kiss of all! A nice ballet of language in any case which testifies to all the passion of your love!

2 / The kiss on a lip

Very romantic and cute, it is simply a question of tenderly kissing one of your partner’s lips, upper or lower!

3 / The kiss on the forehead

A kiss that here is more the demonstration of a deep affection more than love. Attention, if your darling (e) embraces you thus, that does not mean that he/she is not sincerely in love with you no! This kiss can become very sensual from the moment that the one who kisses takes the head of the other in his hands.

4 / The kiss round Pisa

Well, this is a term that you will surely not find elsewhere, since I just invented it! It indicates the kiss deposited on the lips by leaning, whether by walking, by bicycle, by car, this kiss brings only the mouths (and the hearts!) And not the bodies. It is often found in accomplice couples, who are starting to know each other well, who regularly show their affection, but who do not necessarily have the time to do more!

6 / The hickey

Admittedly, it is a little more than a kiss… Just like the gloss kiss, this very often aims to leave a showy mark of the genre “No touch, preserve! ” Or else, carried out in the heat of the action, and in the outburst of passions, it was not voluntary at the base! Anyway, take care to do it if you do not assume later

7 / The flying kiss

The only contactless kiss! Sent remotely, it is very often used when all other solutions are impossible: very often at the time of a separation in a train, a boat … Or even by play, to flirt (more or less discreetly!) At work …

8 / The biting kiss

A passionate and passionate kiss! It involves biting one of your partner’s lips, which, for practical reasons, is often the lower one. Perfect for playful, teasing, and little wild couples!


9 / The Eskimo kiss

Coming from an Inuit tradition, it is today an adorable display of affection! It simply consists of rubbing the two noses of lovers … Eyes closed for even more sweetness and romance!


10 / The butterfly kiss

A kiss of proximity, since it is a question here of gently tickling the skin of the neck, or the cheeks of your partner with your eyelashes, by closing and opening the eyes repeatedly. It can be used as delicious torture for people who have a rather ticklish partner !!

There are still many inventive ways to embrace, which we will surely discuss in the future! And you, which ones do you practice?