10 forbidden responses after an “I love you” – Gentlemen, never say that again!

In the movies, an “I love you” is automatically followed by a “me too, I love you”, and a languid kiss.

But in real life, these gentlemen sometimes give us such amazing answers that we don’t know whether we should laugh or cry (most often, we cry anyway …).

  1. I love myself too

Because even if you’re a little joker, there are certain phrases that call for a serious answer. And “I love you” is part of it.

  1. How nice!

A “that’s nice” after an “I love you”, it simply means “I am absolutely not ready to answer you the same thing but I do not want to break your ego more than that”. So even if it starts with a good intention, it’s no!

  1. I like you too

Even without having done long studies in linguistics, we all visualize very well the huge gap that exists between “I love you” and “I love you”. An “I like you” after an “I love you”, it smells a little of the tree anyway …

  1. Did you do something stupid?

Of course, in the minds of some guys, a nice phrase or a sweet word is necessarily said because we crashed the car or spent € 600 during the sales. Tsss …

  1. We need to talk…

That stinks of the discussion “everything is going too fast between us, we’ve only been together for 3 months, I’m not ready to get married, I don’t like Labradors and family breaks” … In short, it smacks of the guy not ready to commit who freaks out to death!

  1. … (+ Sound of hurried footsteps on the stairs)

A guy who runs away just after an I love you, it’s either that he wants to go scream his joy in the street (unlikely), or that he is a post-teenager allergic to commitment.

Hey, ho, it’s okay, an “I love you” is not a “will you marry me”, no need to run away!

  1. I do not know what to say…

In 99% of cases, when you don’t know what to say, it is better … not to say anything! And after a lovingly whispered “I love you”, it’s the same; if we are not yet ready to answer “me too”, we do not say it! We smile, we take his Darling in our arms, in short, we show him that it touches us, even if we still need a little time to say it.

  1. I’m hungry!

Yes, we know that eating is a very important primary function for men … And even if after an “I love you” we don’t necessarily expect a “me too”, that’s when even better if the answer given to a small report!

  1. Speak less loudly, I watch football!

Okay, let’s not lie to ourselves, this answer automatically ranks a guy in the top 15 of the worst lads on the planet.

  1. Ha ha! I had a bet with my friends that you would tell me this week!

And this one, in the top 10!