10 golden rules to make your relationship last

To make a couple last, we often hear that it takes a good dose of love, a hint of creativity, a measure of open-mindedness, and a bit of humor … Well, this little recipe is nice. , but it would still be better to have more concrete elements, no ?!

Here are 10 golden rules to apply daily to make your relationship last …

  1. Don’t expect too much from your relationship

Of course, when you are in love and in a relationship, we are stronger as a 2 than alone. But still: a spouse is not a full-time psychologist who should be in charge of repairing the emotional problems of the other for free! For a couple to last, it is above all necessary that the 2 partners feel good together, but also in their respective sneakers.

  1. Have a common base

It is often said that opposites attract … It’s true, but in life, while it’s not uncommon to fall for a person who has a completely different personality than us, you still have to be able to find at home values ​​and a life project that are relatively similar to ours. Otherwise, after the euphoria of the early days, we will wonder what we do with this person who does not want at all the same things as us in life!

  1. Knowing how to exist independently of the couple

Nothing is creepier than someone who stays on stand-by when their other half is not around. It can be cute 1 week or 2, but quickly it gets heavy, stuffy, and very problematic. In a couple, you should not hesitate to be slightly selfish, and to want to live a little for yourself sometimes, with your own friends, your own activities, your own desires … And casually, when the other apart from doing his things on his own, it titillates our jealousy and we are super happy to find him afterwards.

  1. Have anti-routine plans

In a couple, nothing worse than the daily grind … So that he does not have the skin of our intimacy, we should not hesitate to invite in his couple the best enemies of the routine, namely: the unexpected, spontaneity, change. Nothing better to rekindle a flame that is slowly dying out than to organize a surprise weekend or an unusual activity together!

  1. Devote time to just 2

Finally, on a daily basis, between work, home, family, children, friends, and the rest, we rarely have time to really sit down with our partner to exchange, discuss, laugh, dream, remake the world … Well, this time, you have to create it, because maintaining intimacy on a daily basis, it does not happen alone … it is done 2 two, and only 2!

  1. Accept the other as he is

Let things be clear: as a couple, it is possible to make someone evolve … but certainly not to make them change at all! So if we want to make our relationship last, it is essential to know how to accept the other as he is, and appreciate him for what he is, and not for what we would like him to become!

  1. Say what is wrong …

In a relationship, nothing is worse than the petty resentments, reproaches, and unverbalized disagreements that accumulate. Because even if we don’t talk about them, they take up more and more space … until one day they explode in a resounding way. Wanting to avoid an argument is good, but it is important to communicate so that everyone can express their feelings. Even if sometimes the tone rises …

  1. … But also what goes!

And yes: one of the secrets of couples who last is also knowing how to communicate to say what is going well! Tell your partner that we are proud of him for such a thing, that he is dressed super well today, that his lasagna recipe blew us away … It’s perfect to remind the other that even if time goes by, he is always so great and unique in our eyes!

  1. Do not fall into carelessness

In a couple, when the flame turns into laziness, it’s the beginning of trouble … To make a couple last, it is very important to always try to arouse desire in the other, even after years of life common. So that doesn’t mean that you have to wait for Darling in a garter belt and nightie every night, but already, we put away those awful pajamas in pilou and we get back into seductive mode a little …

  1. Do not allow yourself to be modeled

One of the fundamental keys to making your relationship last is not to try to follow the models that others (friends, family, society) are consciously or unknowingly trying to impose on us. Our girlfriends are offended when we tell them that with us, household chores are 80% for us and 20% for our partner. Yes, but … if we work very well like that after all?
It is not because our couple does not meet current standards that it must necessarily be questioned, phew!