10 good reasons to have a guy as your best friend

Why build a strong friendship with a guy?

1.He is sincere

Most of your girlfriends are all hypocrites, swinging kind words at you no matter what your looks, especially if you’re sad. But your best friend won’t play the hypocrite to comfort you, and he won’t hesitate to say that you look like a fat cow or that you have skunk breath. Yep, guys don’t like to complicate things, they’re straightforward, and that feels good, both for morale and health.

2.He won’t envy your body

With your girlfriends, jealousy always hovers when you are together. There are those who envy your hourglass figure, those who are jealous of your pretty chest or your dream bu**t… Their behavior annoys you. On the other hand, with your best friend, you can enjoy your moments together without making others jealous. He’ll even go to the gym with you to do squats and glutes.

3.He will protect you

Your best friend is gentle and affectionate towards you, but when someone annoys you, they become your protector. As a guy he knows the intention of the boys around you so he’ll tell you who to hang out with and who to avoid. To get you out of any situation, he can pretend to be your boyfriend, your brother, or whatever you want. Unlike your friends, with him, you are reassured every time.

4.He can serve as a rider

Your best friend is always ready to help. Every time, it can serve as your date, whether it’s prom, family reunion, or a night out. He will find excuses to save you from long and boring endless discussions with your family members, he will protect you from boring guys and the like. This guy is a real blessing, and of course, you owe him a debt.

5.He will be your matchmaker

Guys never compliment each other, but your best friend will. He knows your type of guy, what you expect, and what you are looking for in a relationship. If you have a step kid in your sights, he will make an exception by saying if it will be the right one or not, this is the sign that means he has found someone for you, if he says it he is a cute boy, he sure will be.

6.He can play the handyman

No need to call a handyman, your best friend is here for you. He will repair your faucet, he will come and install your furniture, he will change the light bulbs, he will fix the bug in your computer and others without asking for anything in return. Coming to your rescue is a real pleasure for a true friend.

7.He will not copy you

Unlike all your girlfriends, he won’t buy the same dress or the same shoes, just to make you angry or to show you that he has money. There is not the slightest danger in this. He will be proud and happy not to have them, and he will not deprive you of this pleasure, of this moment which is dedicated to you.

8.He is generous

As a friend, he knows everything about you: your dress tastes, your favorite dishes, your hobbies… You surely won’t believe it, but the moment you least expect it, he will give you an awesome gift, more awesome than your boyfriend’s.

9.He’ll make you laugh

He is your best friend, and he too will consider you as such, so the dirty jokes he tells his friends, he will tell them to you too. Even if it is sometimes quite daring, it shouldn’t necessarily shock you, because you can laugh about it too. Every once in a while you might have a fight, but in the end, you are more united than ever.

10.He has time for you

Ask him to go shopping with you, he will surely find the time. Plus, you’ll have a blast. At night when you can’t sleep, he’s always available on Facebook to chat about anything and everything. When you have heartache or are sick, he is the first to come to comfort you or even to contract your illness.