12 characteristics of the woman a man is looking for

Men also have their selection criteria before committing!

The fact that two opposite genders are driven by different aspirations makes the relationship more complex. Just like the woman, the man also idealizes in his head the love of his life. Certainly, the physique counts, but in addition to that, he also seeks her essential qualities to succeed in forming a real couple. However, these qualities can change from guy to guy. Next, find the specific characteristics that a woman must have to meet a guy’s expectations.

1.A real feminine

Normally, it seems obvious that a woman is feminine, but sometimes it deserves reflection. The reason why men care so much about this is simple, femininity is a touch of sweetness. It is an aura with an inexplicable power that the woman uses to charm. But it is also an ability to be beautiful, to highlight your curves without exaggerating and to make small gestures as well as to emit smiles that make you crack. So, you still wonder why femininity is among the selection criteria for guys!

2.An enterprising woman

Gone are the days when women were under the yoke of their companion, resigned, and at the same time submissive, this world no longer exists. Rather, men prefer one with a strong character. Flourished, enterprising, and independent, she must also know how to make decisions and initiatives, but also accept her points of view. For them, she is the ideal woman.

3.A woman who is intimately available

To find balance in a romantic relationship, intimacy is essential. The bond between lovers depends greatly on satisfaction under the covers, and it is very important for men to have a good intimate life. The fact that a woman is intimately available contributes a lot to fulfillment, and that is why this intimate aspect is always present among the selection criteria.

4.A respectful woman

For the man to feel esteem and admiration, his girlfriend must respect him, and above all, love him so that he has the feeling of being valued. This feeling gives him confidence and helps preserve the relationship. However, this does not mean that the man should be disrespectful, respect is reciprocal, just like the love that lovers have for each other.

5.An intelligent woman

Nothing is more annoying than talking with someone who doesn’t understand you, there is never the slightest exchange because one is too smart and the other not enough. Also, before really getting involved in a relationship, men look for an intelligent woman, one who knows how to reason, who helps them make major decisions. For the harmony of the relationship, having a smart daughter is crucial.

6.A gentlewoman

Softness and delicacy are essential elements. By her caring gestures, a gentlewoman can soothe her partner. She’s the one who likes to snuggle up in her man’s arms, but the reverse is also true. Even the toughest and least communicative will appreciate this comforting softness.

7.A woman with humor

In the world we live in right now, a touch of lightness wouldn’t hurt, and what better than a woman’s seductive and relaxing humor. A lot of men like women who have a sense of humor, those who can laugh every now and then. The joy that this little special character trait causes strengthens the bond between lovers and can also be very enjoyable.

8.A woman with generous curves

Currently, more and more women are turning to weight loss diets to have the famous hourglass figure, however, men prefer more those who have generous shapes: luscious breasts, but too much and well rounded and firm bu**tocks. Women who are governed under restrictions of all kinds, and whose life is very hectic, are less attractive compared to those who take full advantage of their existence. These last, they are very attractive, and it is a profile that the men seek the most.

9.A woman who has love to give

Love is essential for the balance of a couple, and it is one of the qualities that the man seeks more in the woman because he has in him this need to be loved, and alone, a woman. who has love to offer who can fill it. To make a relationship last, without love, everything is lost in advance, another reason why the man, when he is ingratitude, seeks love in a woman as a priority.

10.A less dominant woman

The woman should be loving, intelligent, caring, and have character, but also, she should not be too dominant, however, this does not mean that she should submit to the slightest desire of her partner. The male needs to feel like he’s the dominant one because it makes him feel like he’s in control of the relationship, and it also boosts his confidence. Testosterone always takes over, and the woman with her sweetness and subtlety must understand that to be respected, the man must give an image of a strong individual.

11.A woman who knows how to take care of herself

A woman should always be neat and elegant, she should never neglect her appearance. Before approaching them, men prioritize above all the visual, once this aspect satisfies them, they take action. Certainly, the one who indulges in her appearance will not have a better chance of appealing to men.

12 a less jealous woman

Jealousy is proof of love, but if it is too much, it becomes a disease, a poison that slowly destroys the couple. No man can stand a woman who is too jealous, oppressive and possessive, because such a person is unlivable. To have the heart of a man, she must try to detach herself little by little from this primary feeling in order to bring back harmony in the couple.