9 signs that he’s taking advantage of you

Emotional abuse, all you need to know!

You’ve been living with your boyfriend for a long time, and now you realize that the love he had for you before has gradually dissipated, it has even given way to contempt, and he no longer hides it. Your friends and relatives advise you to leave him, but you still love him. So that those around you dare to interfere in your private life, they will certainly notice that the relationship does not suit you. Maybe this story is destroying you emotionally, find out later.

1.He imprisons you

He feels helpless and tries, by all means, to make your life unlivable. Whether it’s your emails, your social media accounts, or your texts, he wants to have access to it. It even tries to control and limit who you spend your free time with. Now is the time to break your chains and look elsewhere. Certainly, your happiness does not lie with a guy like this.

2.He deprives you of your contacts

He wants you to understand that your family and friends are getting too involved and damaging your relationship, so he thinks the best solution would be to deprive yourself of them. In any case, you should not accept otherwise you will become his toy and his slave. If you, unfortunately, go along with this decision, you will suffer all kinds of mistreatment in return. Instead of moving away from your loved ones, you better get rid of this manipulator quickly because it is damaging your existence.

3.He is very jealous

A jealous guy is emotionally violent. He is not only jealous of your office colleagues, friends, and family, but also of your aspirations in life, be it your ambitions or your dreams. In all, misplaced jealousy! Just knowing that you are not totally dependent on him drives him crazy. If he truly loves you, he will never deny you the opportunities that will lead you to happiness.

4.He has repetitive mood swings

It goes from good to bad weather in no time yet, you haven’t done anything wrong. He spends all of his energy and all his time yelling at you for no apparent reason. These repetitive mood swings are a sign of emotional imbalance. He seeks to dump all his frustrations on someone, and who else besides you. If the relationship swings between a moment of romance and constant begging for forgiveness, it is best to end it, because the percentage for your relationship to walk is minimal.

5.He only creates arguments and tantrums

You quarrel every day and sometimes it even turns into a big, never-ending argument. Each time, rather than proposing a solution, he prefers to dramatize. He looks for all the means to put the hat on you and to have some peace in the so-called “cocoon of love”, and you, you pretend to accept. This situation could quickly escalate, he might even end up raising his hand on you so, while you still have the chance, quit!

6.He keeps you low

No matter what you do, and how you behave, he never supports you. He is an eternal moaner, and the critics, he always has them. Nothing will ever be done well when it comes to your accomplishments. Now, don’t let that put you down, don’t let him put you down, you know full well that you’re worth more than that. A man who doesn’t see your true worth doesn’t even deserve to set his eyes on you. Think about your life, and try your luck elsewhere.

7.He is selfish

You make an effort to make him happy, but you never get anything in return. However, in a relationship, attention must be reciprocal, just like love. If he doesn’t make an effort to reciprocate, then don’t bother staying with such a boor, because a one-sided relationship ends up nowhere.

8.He makes you nervous

He tries to prove his superiority to you all the time. Unbalanced as he is, he doesn’t hesitate to use force if something doesn’t suit him. A good partner is supposed to bring happiness in your life, not a constant mess. Being afraid of your man is not part of life as a couple. If so, you have nothing more to expect from your relationship.

9.He makes you feel guilty all the time

You start to believe that the problems are really coming down to you, and you think you deserve all the mistreatment it gives you. You should not be convinced by this dark idea, no matter what arguments, persuasions, and contempt they put forward because it is part of his manipulation techniques. Stop spending your time tormenting yourself and looking for solutions, move on, because you are better than that.