10 guy sentences decoded to understand men


It’s not always easy to understand men. They don’t necessarily use the right words to express their thoughts and often they will hide what they really want to say.

After all, didn’t say that men are from Mars and women are from Venus? Why should we speak the same language?

There are several reasons why they will code their sentences and hide the truth from you. More often than not, especially if you are early in your relationship, they will lie to you (or at least hide the truth from you) because they want to take advantage of you. But they also think they are doing this to impress you, because they are afraid of losing you, afraid of disappointing you, etc.


  • “I’m not looking to pair up right now.” In other words, it means he’s just looking for a one-night stand. Don’t expect to get more and he’ll never pair up with you. If you accept this, he will probably want to see you again, but only for a physical relationship.
  • “My wife and I are pretty much divorced.” This man is not happy with his wife and no longer has a good marriage. But he still doesn’t want to divorce him and leave his wife until he is sure he has another serious relationship.
  • “You are a great friend.” Sorry, he is not interested in you and has no desire to get into a relationship with you. He may be blunt in saying that you are good friends, but it ends there. He will never have any romantic gestures with you.
  • “With the crisis, it’s impossible to find a job.” It is true that it is a hard time to find work. But if a man continually finds excuses as to why he is unemployed it may be hiding something. Maybe he’s not really trying to find a job and is lazy.
  • “I am still a virgin by choice”. In 90% of cases, especially for a man older than 25, this means that he has never made the effort to please and probably won’t do it with you either. It can also mean that he is too selective and that his criteria for women are too high. Be careful not to be too disappointed if he says no to you.
  • “I am 1m85”. This is often found on dating sites. Since you cannot see their true size, many men inflate their cm count a little. Fortunately, not all do it, but don’t be surprised if it is in fact only 1m78 …
  • “I love you”. Watch out for this one. If the guy tells you that just to get intimate, it doesn’t mean anything, he just takes you for a ***. But if he says “I love you” looking you straight in the eye and getting everything dressed, you can believe him.
  • “I am sorry”. Either he’s really sorry or he’s tired of arguing with you. Either way, accept his apology and turn the page. Arguing doesn’t help.
  • “I need space”. You wouldn’t know a little too much about pasting it? This man needs some time alone and you should give him some. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you. He just needs a little space. Take the opportunity to make your nail polish!
  • “Let’s stay friends ?” I don’t know a lot of exes who want to be real friends. I do not believe too much in a friendship between ex, and surely that he neither. But it means more: “Shall we go back to bed later?”