8 Going out ideas for the first romantic date: Cheap things

To make a success of your meeting during the first romantic date there are many parameters. The most important thing and which is not controllable is the fact of being compatible or not. But the second most important is: What to do? So read these tips quickly to increase the chances that your meeting will turn into a romantic couple after the first date.


1. A picnic in nature

Prepare sandwiches, buy a bottle of wine if you’re old enough, grab a blanket to sit on, and most importantly choose a romantic spot. By a river, in a meadow, on the beach.

2. Go to the Cinema

Let her choose the film, it will prove that you are attentive to her wishes.

3. Show your cooking skills

If you know how to cook, choose this solution. He or she will be impressed and you will score points. Prepare something you know how to avoid panic. Decorate the table for even more effect.

4. Go to the ice rink

The ice rink is relatively romantic and fun. In addition, it is very easy to hold hands on the pretext of not being very good with skating.

5. Do/go to a sport that you both enjoy.

Pick something that you are sure the other will enjoy. No need to take him or her to a soccer game if he or she doesn’t like it.

6. Go to the Zoo.

Everyone loves animals. It is, therefore, a good idea for a first meeting.

7. Go to the Museum.

If both of you are the type to enjoy a visit to the museum or an art gallery, this is a good choice.

8. Have a drink

It’s a classic. So it always works. On the other hand, choose a rather quiet simple restaurant where you can chat.