10 of our imperfections that men find beautiful

Contrary to what you might think, men don’t like perfect women. Our little imperfections make us unique and that’s why they love us. Top 10 imperfections that instantly melt them away.

1 – Curvatures

Stop worrying about your little extra pounds! If your man is dating you, it is because he loves you with your curves. So why want to lose weight and become less beautiful in her eyes?

2 – Br**asts without retouching

Whether they are small or large, men don’t care! What matters, however, is that they are natural. When they hear a woman say that she would like to have her br**asts restored, it makes their hair stand on end.

3 – Glasses

Men love glasses! It gives you a super s**xy little secretary side that drives them crazy so stop believing it upsets you.

4 – The teeth of happiness

Like Vanessa Paradis, do you have a gap between the two front teeth? Far from being a flaw, it is part of your charm. And then, who would want to part with their happy teeth…

5 – The small size

You are less than 1m60 and you have complexes? Think again, there is really nothing! As we say “everything that is small is cute”. Men are the first to adore small women because they can protect them.

6 – Curls

Do you waste a lot of time straightening your hair every morning? Stop everything! Know that men love super s**xy curls that make you look like Shakira. So get some extra sleep in the morning and leave your hair natural!

7 – wrinkles

You don’t like to see the passing of time mark your face. However, wrinkles make men crack because they are the witness of the years spent together. If that’s not romantic…

8 – Shyness

For you, shyness is a fault. But, they find this character trait ultra-cute. Whatever they say, they like the fact that we’re a little fragile. Especially since it reassures them, since you will not easily flirt with other guys …

9 – Well-dosed jealousy

Certainly, men hate excessive jealousy which pushes us to want to control the other, making his life impossible. But well-measured jealousy, which consists in sending a little spade from time to time, it makes them crack… 

10 – Gluttony 

Men, by far, prefer a woman who has some curves but is a good person, than one who spends her time restraining herself. So, of course, we do not fit into a size 36, but at least we are full of life and not frustrated! Because, in addition, frustration makes it unpleasant … If men love this ugly flaw, why deprive themselves?