10 phrases that always start an argument

Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to start a big, big argument in a relationship. Words, for example, which have the power to raise the tone of his partner in a fraction of a second. Here is a list of those to avoid at all costs. 


1 – You know, your mother …

That one criticizes one’s own parents is quite legitimate. But that we attack those of his partner, there, it gets stuck … So, we ban the “you know, your mother …” Do not touch, his mother is sacred, he has the right to criticize her, not us. 


2 – Who are you writing to?

“If that happens he’s talking to his ex, or else he sees someone else in parallel”… When we see him writing text messages, it goes up in our head at full speed. Suddenly, we hasten to ask him “Write to whom?” “Except that there is nothing worse to piss off a guy … It’s the door open to” You’re choking me “,” You don’t trust me “. 


3 – It’s not good for what you have!

Either way, it’s never nice to hear that. What does that imply? “Don’t you think you’re big enough like this?” Well, even though we kept telling him we wanted to lose a few pounds, it’s still not nice. 

4 – No nothing

When he says something that we don’t like, we answer “No nothing, just drop it”. A man takes what he is told word for word. If we explain to him that there is nothing, he will not try to know if it is true or not. And of course, we get angry … 


5 – It’s good, I understood

“It’s good, I understand” is a door wide open to dispute. It means “You don’t want to do it, I don’t matter to you”. And of course, that annoys him. 


6 – Be careful, there is a car in front!

Arghhhh, there is nothing more annoying than someone commenting on the way we drive. “Slow down, be careful, it’s green…” As if the other was blind and didn’t know what to do. Engueulade assured. 


7 – You never do anything at home

He’s just come home from work, he’s exhausted, and we tell him “You never do anything at home.” You could help me with the housework, the children… ”To welcome his companion, there is better than to attack him all the same, right? 


8 – But since I’m telling you it’s okay!

When he asks us what we have and we answer “But nothing, since I’m telling you that it’s okay!” Is a call to dispute. Basically, we insinuate “No it’s not okay but I won’t tell you why, you just have to find it yourself”. It’s really annoying for the person in front … 


9 – Say, do you love me? 

Of course, we need to hear it. But asking him fifteen times a day is telling him that we don’t trust him and that we doubt the feelings he has for us. He’s going out with us, it’s good that he loves us, otherwise he would have left the ship a long time ago. And then, frankly, it’s not at all s**xy to have a person in front of you who begs for attention …


10 – And if not, your ex…?

Why always want to know everything about your ex? Today he is with us. So we leave the past where it is. And if you feel threatened by your ex, it’s probably because you have doubts that it’s really over. However, if you cannot trust your partner, it is simply not the right one.