10 proofs that a long distance relationship can work

Love, stronger than anything

A long-distance relationship, most often for professional reasons, is a real ordeal for a couple. The resulting difficulties are not to be taken lightly. But this situation can indeed work, Here are the 10 proofs

1. We never tire

When you live at a distance from your loved one, there is no risk of getting tired of the other as in a more classic relationship where feelings can fade over time.

2. We argue less

With a long distance relationship, no problem with dirty underwear lying around or “you came home too drunk last night”. The dream!

3. Lack makes you more in love

It is well known, when lovers are far from each other, they miss each other … So much so that their feelings are increased tenfold.

4. We do not fall into the routine

Who says long distance relationship says no life under the same roof nor all the habits of Grandpa and Grandma which go with it and which risk to damage the couple.

5. We think about each other all the time

The absence of the other often results in his omnipresence in our head and in our heart. We neither see it nor touch it, but we dream about it and that is really good!

6. We do not endure Sunday meals at Belle-Maman’s

A detail that is important, especially when Belle-Maman is rather the painful type (to stay soft): with a long-distance relationship, you don’t have to put up with boring family dates!

7. We’re excited to meet again

When we are forced to live far from each other, what a joy to find each other! So we think about it, we get ready, we pamper ourselves… The excitement is more than ever at the rendezvous!

8. The reunion is very hot

When the time comes to meet again, the emotion is at its height. We can finally look at each other, touch each other, kiss each other for a long time… And the reunion under the duvet is memorable!

9. The torque strength is enhanced

A long distance relationship is a real test for a couple. By accepting this situation, by remaining linked and faithful, we can succeed in making this type of relationship work… Which proves the strength of our relationship!

10. We can prepare for the future together more calmly

Despite the difficulties and the lack, we managed to cope with this long distance relationship. Successful test, therefore: our couple is very solid! This offers real confidence in a common future, this time two under the same roof …