10 reasons why it is better to be alone than in bad company

For fear of ending up an old maid, alone with your cats, we tend to lock ourselves into lame relationships that do us more harm than good. However, it is better to be alone than badly accompanied … The proof by ten. 

1 – We don’t waste our chances of finding the right one

Even if we don’t like him, we are still in a relationship with him. In other words, we are wasting our time with a person when we know that it will get nowhere. We prevent ourselves from meeting other people and, consequently, we decrease our chances of finding the right one.

2 – You can be alone and happy To

fill your loneliness with the help of a relationship that does not hold water is quite simply doomed to failure. By convincing yourself that you are fine with this person, for lack of anything better, you are lying to yourself. To be happy, we only need ourselves because happiness is within us, not outside.

3 – we can take stock  

When you’re in a relationship with a man you don’t appreciate more than that, you don’t project yourself, you live from day to day … Stop it! The truth is, you deserve better than dating someone out of spite. The good meeting will come, it’s all a question of time. In the meantime, this is the opportunity to take stock of what we want, and especially what we no longer want.

4 – We don’t make anyone suffer

Okay, we don’t like it. But imagine that he becomes deeply attached to us, what will be his reaction when he finds out that we were staying with him while waiting for something better? It is a dishonest and destructive attitude. Better to be sincere so that neither he nor we waste our time.

5 – we have more time for ourselves

Celibacy has many good sides! We are not accountable to anyone, we can do what we want when we want, use our time as we want, watch romantic comedies while eating crisps, occupy all the space in bed … In short, what a good life!

6 – We know how to manage on our own

Go out with a man we don’t like just because he repairs our washing machine and changes the light bulbs? This is not the right solution. By preferring to stay alone rather than poorly accompanied, we learn to manage without the help of anyone and that is priceless.

7 – Better to be alone than to be alone together

There is nothing worse than being alone together. However, this is precisely what happens when you get into a relationship with someone you are not in love with. The other is there to cheat our loneliness but he does not make us happy. Let’s face it, there is nothing more depressing!

8 – We can explore new horizons

When we are in a relationship, we must think for two. This necessarily involves making compromises from time to time. Sailing solo is an opportunity to travel, meet new people, and try new activities. We must take advantage of this while waiting to meet THE guy who will capsize our hearts.

9 – We meet new people

When we are poorly accompanied, we still have to be respectful towards our partner. In other words, our good conscience prevents us from flirting elsewhere. So, we are missing out on lots of great encounters…

10 – We don’t have to watch matches on TV

Football and rugby matches, we’ve had enough! Especially since they always fall right on the evening when a great movie passes. By staying alone, we avoid this ordeal and we can watch what we want when we want. Foot! Why sacrifice yourself for someone you don’t love?