10 reasons why men don’t take the first step

You get along really well, you have a great time together, and you feel like you could be more than just friends. But then, why doesn’t he decide to take the first step? Here are 10 reasons to explain it.

1 – He is too proud

Yes, some men are too proud to take the first step. They assume that if the woman is really interested, she will talk about it first. 

2 – He waits for you to do it

It is likely that he likes you a lot but, since he does not know how you feel towards him, he prefers to wait for you to take action.

3 – He’s too shy

Maybe he’s too shy to get started and he’s just waiting for one thing: for you to kiss him!

4 – He is afraid of ruining your friendship

If you have been friends for a long time and you get along wonderfully, it is very likely that he is afraid of ruining your great understanding by going out with you.

5 – He does not want to commit

Quite simply! Monsieur doesn’t want to get into a serious relationship right now. He prefers to enjoy his life alone, without constraints.

6 – He doesn’t love you

Hard to hear but it is possible. If he doesn’t take action, it may just be because he doesn’t love you with love. You are a great friend but it won’t go any further between you.

7 – He is friends with your brother

A brother is very protective of his little sister. So, if the man you covet is very close to your brother, he may be afraid to confront him…

8 – He is afraid of taking a rake

You should know that men are scared to death to take a rake. It would be a shame to tell his friends that, he wouldn’t get over it.

9 – he doesn’t realize that you like him

It’s entirely possible! Sometimes men are blind. They don’t notice that we went to the hairdresser, that we have a new dress… So notice that yes, you like it? You have hope!

10 – One of his friends likes you

For a man, friends, it’s sacred. So even if he is madly in love with you, he will not take action because he does not want to hurt his friend.