10 Signs of Incompatibility in a Relationship

Do you feel like you and your boyfriend are always fighting?

Have you noticed that your relationship has gone from love and passion to fights and competition?

Are you questioning the couple’s future?

Before you start making wedding plans, here are these signs of incompatibility in relationships.

Everyone has dated someone who wasn’t sure they should date.

You meet a man, he’s amazing, the chemistry between the two of you is out of the ordinary!

Still, something makes you hold back.

Maybe it’s just little things, little differences that you start to notice over the course of the relationship.

Maybe it’s something much bigger, ugly fights and indifference that you can’t ignore.

If you are wondering “is this man the right man for me”, you need to first check out the signs of incompatibility in relationships.

1. You two want different things for the future.

The first sign of incompatibility in a relationship is wanting different things for the future.

While it may not seem like a big deal at first when the two of you are absolutely in love, the truth is that later on, it will become a very serious issue.

For example, your views on marriage.

An example is the story of a couple who got along very well, they were very happy and in love.

But he didn’t believe in marriage and she did.

After a few years in this relationship, she started pressuring him to get married, but he kept refusing.

They fought over this issue all the time until eventually, they ended the relationship.

If the future holds something different for the two of you, then it’s time to reconsider that relationship.

Sometimes people change their minds, but if you’ve been together for years and it’s always the same thing… your future with him is incompatible.

2. One Of The Two Is Tired.

If you start a relationship and you or your boyfriend is completely against love, then you are in a doomed relationship.

There is a big incompatibility when one person is willing to give their heart and the other person prefers to keep their heart closed in a relationship.

Again, this is one of those situations that have the potential to change.

However, the likelihood of this mindset changing is very remote, unfortunately.

3. You Two Are Very Stubborn.

There’s nothing wrong with being a stubborn person.

However, if the two of you are too stubborn, then you are in an incompatible relationship.

4. One Is Homebody And The Other Is Adventurous.

Another incompatibility in the relationship comes in the form of domestication.

If one of you is thirsty for adventure and the other prefers to stay home and raise a family, then you are likely to have some problems with him later on in the relationship.

It’s hard to make a relationship work with these opposing circumstances.

5. You Are Always Fighting.

Before throwing in the towel, there are many couples who constantly fight and then enjoy the part of reconciliation that comes later.

Some couples only succeed with a lot of drama… it’s just a matter of personality, who they are.

On the other hand, if your drama is stressful, and fights increase in severity or frequency, then you may be with the wrong man.

6. Your Intellect Is Different.

If you like comic books and board games and your boyfriend prefers opera and artwork, you can make dating work, but it’s going to be difficult.

One of the most important aspects of a good relationship is when you get along physically and intellectually.

If you have a completely different intellectual capacity, then there is always the possibility that one of you will walk away.

People need to be able to communicate at all levels, and the intellectual level is probably one of the most important.

That’s not to say dating won’t work if you’re on different waves (sometimes you need a partner to balance things out).

However, it will be a difficult relationship to bear.

7. Children Are A Problem.

Believe it or not, one of the most common incompatibility issues between couples is children.

There are many different reasons for a child to become a reason for separation (and it’s probably not what you’re thinking).

First of all, if one of you wants to have children and the other doesn’t, that can be a good reason to end the relationship.

For example, you have a child and you don’t want any more.

You would be happy to be with a man who already has kids and doesn’t want any more kids, but if you’re with a man who wants two kids or more then you have a serious incompatibility problem with him.

Also, if you and your partner can’t agree on how to raise a child (different religious beliefs, you’re a vegetarian and he’s a carnivore, etc.), you’ll also have major incompatibility issues.

8. Monogamy Is A Problem.

Like many other women you may have met, you’ve probably dated a man who doesn’t believe in monogamy.

Men who have “free love” behavior… or want to try everything they can.

If you believe in monogamy, it’s hard to date a man who wants multiple women at the same time.

It makes you question your self-worth, in addition to causing a lot of fights, and it also hurts to know that your love spent the night with another woman when he could be with you.

If you can handle a man who wants every woman he sees in front of him, then you’re a stronger woman than the vast majority because that’s a problem that isn’t easily solved… and the woman always ends up getting hurt.

9. There is no Good Communication.

Are you afraid to open up your feelings to your boyfriend?

Are you afraid to show your emotions to someone you are with?

Do you avoid any serious conversation?

Every woman has been through this.

If you’re in the type of relationship where you can’t communicate openly and honestly, both the good things and the bad, then you need to reconsider your relationship.

10. You’re Missing Love.

The biggest incompatibility in relationships is when one person likes it more than the other.

If you’re in love with a guy who doesn’t love you to the same extent, then cut the damage now and find someone who loves you.

There is an infinity of men in the world, and many people who want to love a lot.

Don’t waste your time on an incompatible love.

Relationships are never easy, but these incompatibilities only make things worse.

Know how to avoid headaches and get out of any relationship that makes you unhappy.

If you know an incompatible situation isn’t going to change, then it’s time to change.

Have you ever been in an incompatible relationship?

If so, share with us what happened.