10 signs that a very shy man likes you

Shy guys are very reserved and sometimes unable to declare their love to a girl.

The point with them is that we cannot use typical signals to know if a boy likes you, since they have a particular personality that makes them act differently. That is why I leave you this list with the most obvious signs that a shy boy likes you:

1. Looks at you too much

If you have discovered him looking at you on different occasions and when you discover him immediately, he lowers his gaze or plays “dumb” trying to pretend he was not looking at you, it is almost a fact that he likes you.

2. Seems interested but never makes a move

Sometimes you notice that he is attentive to you, but not enough for everyone to notice that he likes you. It is not even so attentive as to allow you to be sure of it.

Sometimes he can laugh a lot at your jokes and change his attitude from one moment to the next, which makes you doubt whether he likes you or not.

Shy boys tend to change their attitude abruptly as a defense mechanism. They are not crazy and are not affected by the moon phase. They are simply afraid of being rejected.

3. They talk more on social media than in real life

Shy guys tend to be much more open and chatty online. Not having the person face-to-face with whom they are conversing lessens their nerves, allowing them to act more naturally.

If most or all of his conversations are usually by chat, it is because he feels comfortable talking to you and takes advantage of the security that not having you in front of him gives him. It’s a sign that he likes you.

4. Gets nervous and clumsy around you

In this sign there is a warning: you must first find out if he behaves awkward and nervous only with you, when you are around, or if that is his behavior all the time. If clumsiness is common to him, obviously you can’t take it as a sign.

Watch their body language when they are together. If he stutters, cannot hold your gaze, and appears more nervous than usual when you arrive, he may be trying to hide his feelings for you.

Not all of us demonstrate our nerves in the same way, but you can see if he perspires more than usual or blushes. Both are key signs of nerves because he likes you.

Other signs that you should be aware of: move his hands or caress his hair more than normal, adjust his clothes, if he is normally around you, but not with you, it is a clear sign that he likes to be close or to be able to look at you, although his shy nature does not allow him to get closer.

5. His friends tease him when he’s close to you

If he told his friends that he likes you, they are sure to make jokes, especially when you are around.

You will notice that when you arrive they make funny looks at you, laugh when you try to talk to you, throw hints at you (which are usually more than direct), you hear laughter in the distance or push you towards you.

6. Treats you differently from other girls

Observe how he behaves with other girls. See if his conversation is more fluid with them, he does not look at them in a “special” way or he can hold his gaze without problem when they speak if he is not usually as attentive to them as he is to you.

Guys treat the girl they are interested in in a special way. As shy as they are, they can’t help but treat that girl they like differently. That is why their difference in attitude with other women is so noticeable.

7. Notice how he talks to you

It is natural to get nervous when talking to the person we like. Even for people who aren’t shy it happens, so you can imagine how difficult it can be for people who are. They will usually give you concrete answers and talk quickly when you are together.

8. See if he becomes friends with your friends

If he becomes friends with your friends or at least gains their trust, it does not necessarily mean that he also likes some of them. In fact, it’s probably just an excuse to get to know you better, find out about you without asking you directly, and get information.

But if you see that she is trying to flirt with a specific one of them and you notice that she is always looking at her, then most likely she is not really interested in you.

We must be very careful with shy boys and the signals they send. Their shyness can make us confused with their attitudes.

9. Ask him for a favor and see his reaction

How does an outgoing guy react when the girl he likes asks him for a favor? He does it immediately no matter how obvious it looks that he likes it. In fact, he just wants you to notice that he cares about you.

The most flirtatious take advantage of those moments to pay the occasional compliment and earn points. Shy guys react differently. He will not refuse to help you, but he will do it in a calm way, without much fuss, so that it does not show that he is crazy about you.

Remember not to abuse this shy boy. Even if he does not say no to anything, it is not correct that you ask him too many favors so that life will solve you. Remember that there is a reason why he is so shy, maybe it is because some girl hurt him before. Do not use it.

10. Give her a nice compliment and watch his reaction.

A simple and subtle compliment is enough. You don’t need to tell him how handsome he looks that day or that you think he kisses super well. You can tell him how nice he is for helping you carry the books or how strong he is if he helped you move something around.

The important thing is to see the reaction he has when he heard you speak well of him. If you keep quiet, your forehead starts to sweat or stutters. If his nerves increase, but he still manages to smile: he likes you!