7 keys to falling in love in a long distance relationship

Keeping a long-distance relationship alive is very challenging. These types of relationships face many obstacles, but they can also strengthen love and commitment. If you are willing to take on the challenge, here I bring you 7 key tips on how to woo a man from a distance.

1. Talk daily

Maintaining communication is key. Don’t just touch on banal topics about how they are and what they did on the day. Talk about how you see your relationship, your fears, how you project into the future. Touch up deep topics that help you stay intimate and get to know each other better.

Show that you are a confident woman, with whom he enjoys talking. Also keep the mystery a bit to get it hooked. Humor is also important. Sharing laughter will help you build complicity and have fun together. He will long for your conversations.

2. Don’t spam him and send him thousands of messages all-day

The idea of ​​writing at all times to maintain the long-distance relationship is false. Strengthening a relationship takes a lot more than smothering your guy by asking him to stay connected 24 hours a day.

You may wonder how to make a man fall in love from a distance if they don’t talk enough on the phone. But it is preferable that they talk for only half an hour a day, but that it is a quality conversation that both enjoys and becomes their favorite moment of the day.

Remember that it is about sharing the ups and downs of life together, and this is something that does not require the obsession of spending an important part of the day glued to the cell phone.

3. Make virtual dating a reality

Most of the time we cannot control being at a distance. If they live in different countries or regions, they cannot see each other as often as they would like. But physical distance does not have to be an impediment to feel close and increase your intimacy.

There are tools that can help you so that your virtual appointments are not a simple video call, but become special activities.

For example, they can watch a movie together by enabling “screen sharing” on the computer, make a video call while going for a walk, or even go to a coffee shop and have a date via Skype.

4. Plan what you will do when you meet

One of the best ways to keep long-distance couples excited is the excitement of real-life encounters. Plan what you want to do together when you can see each other, imagine that moment, and work through whatever it takes to achieve it.

5. Invest in personalized gifts

By investment, I mean putting in your effort, energy, and time. When a couple cannot see each other in person, love signals work magic.

The moments when you miss him are the best times to dedicate yourself to giving him a gift with your own hands and creativity. Any ideas:

  • A jar of happiness: take a large glass jar and put notes inside it expressing how you feel about it. Give it to him when you meet, or mail it, and tell him to take a note every time he misses you.
  • Scrapbook.
  • A pillowcase with a collage of photos that you have together.

6. Be positive and patient

Keep in mind that long-distance relationships are often complex and time-consuming, so you need to be positive and be patient.

If you allow frustration over distance to control you and start demanding things from him that he cannot give you, you will push your boy further away and they will lose the relationship they had built. The idea is that they support each other to overcome these obstacles, not that they fight for them.

7. Relax and be yourself

I think this is the most important thing: to be faithful to you. Sure you feel pressure to want to make him fall in love, but without spontaneity, you will not achieve anything. Get comfortable with yourself, show your personality, and act naturally.