10 signs that he loves us

He loves me, a little, a lot, passionately, madly, not at all …

Uh, to know if Jules likes us, there is more ecological and more reliable than to kill a daisy!

The signs that show he loves us

  1. He listens to us!

The last time we explained our endless office stories to him, he literally pinned us down when he replied: “Ludivine doesn’t surprise me, she has teeth that scratch the floor this one”. Youhou, Jules listens to us when we speak, and he is able to follow our work gossip!

  1. Unsuspected resources.

It’s Saturday, we’ve been shopping for 4 hours together to find THE perfect jeans that will perfectly enhance our buttocks. We tried at least 20 of them in 10 different stores without success. We feel that Jules is fed up, that he just wants to come home and wallow in front of the TV, but when he sees us leaving the cabin with a crestfallen face, against all expectations he gives us a “come on, we’re not coming home as long as you will not have found this damn jeans my darling »… Sooo cute!

  1. He tries to cook.

For Jules, cooking is calling the pizza delivery man, even taking the pizza out of the freezer and putting it in the oven when it is in good shape. But as he saw that we love cooking, he tries to get started. Little by little, eh: mash, pasta recipes, puff pastry … The funniest thing is to see how proud he is to have successfully cooked his spaghetti!

  1. He bought a pink toothbrush.

And it’s not because he’s a particular fan of this color! No no, this toothbrush is not for him: it is for us. He also put it in his toothbrush, next to his blue toothbrush. And he also made room for us in a closet, so we can come and sleep at his place more often. #Love!

  1. He joined a gym …

The last time he was pointed out that his belly was about to go from the “brioche” stage to that of “surprise bread”, he pretended not to pick up. But the next day, we burned him looking for sports clubs in the area. His response (too adorable)? “Yeah, I want you to always find me attractive.”

  1. And it’s the same club as us!

Jules may not be jealous (but of course!), It is in the same gym as us that he joined. Not the one next to the apartment, the one next to our job. Officially: to be able to play sports with us. But hey, the fact that he comes to give us a little kiss as soon as a guy comes to do the treadmill next to us does not fool anyone!

  1. He looks at the advertisements of apartments … for sale!

The last time we discreetly watched what he was doing on the internet, he was on a real estate agency site, and he was looking at larger apartments..for sale. Faced with our questioning pout, he found THE right answer: “we are not going to stay tenants all our life, and I’m sure I want to make my life with you, then”.

  1. And with several more rooms!

A large apartment with 3 bedrooms, really? One for us, one for the dressing room (mandatory!), And one for … OMG! Faced with our panicked gaze, he (again) found THE right answer: “not immediately, worry, but I’m sure I’ve found the mother of my children.” Perfect man alert!

  1. The text that kills.

We’ve been literally odious with him for two weeks now because we’re preparing a big job interview. This morning again, we left the apartment like a fury for a story of dirty laundry lying around. Two minutes before the start of our interview, when our stress levels are breaking records, we receive a text. From Jules. Who tells us “everything is going to be fine, you are the best my dear”. Hooo, what love …

  1. He told us.

And yet, Jules is far from being a great sensitive (he NEVER cries in front of the TV, and not even when Muphasa dies in The Lion King!), Nor an expert in declaration. So when every time, without warning, without even having been told him before, he gives us a little “I love you”, we are sure that it is true, and we melt!