10 signs that he’s taking your relationship seriously

He loves you!

Wondering about how your Jules views your relationship? Here are 10 signs that he takes her very seriously. If you recognize yourself in this article, rest assured: it is important to you more than anything!

1. He takes care of you

Your boyfriend is always taking care of you. He does everything to make you feel good and he does it! And when you’re sick, he transforms into the irresistible and adorable Doctor Mamour. What a beautiful proof of love!

2. He introduced you to his relatives …

His family, his friends, his closest colleagues … You have all met them and the best part is that your Jules introduced you to them in a completely natural and obvious way. For him, you are the right one!

3.… And don’t run away from your family

We wouldn’t go so far as to say that he was looking forward to meeting your parents and your BFF, but when you offered to see them for the first time, he was enthusiastic and super sociable. One more sign that he cares about you!

4. He wants to see you all the time

Not that he oppresses you, on the contrary, he always takes your news when needed, and never fails to call you, to send you sms full of attentions and love. And especially to offer to see you, because he misses you very quickly!

5. He takes you to his favorite places

Another sign that does not deceive: he likes to make you discover his universe, in particular by taking you to his favorite places. A nice way to make you enter her life, and to make you love her!

6. He always consults your opinion

Whether it’s knowing what you want to eat for dinner or much more important things, he never makes a decision without asking what you think. Basically, for him, you are one!

7. He makes an effort when you complain

From the toilet bowl to be lowered after his passage, to his way of addressing you sometimes, you no longer hesitate to comment on him because you know that he will hear them and do anything to improve. What a man!

8. He offers to accompany him as soon as he is invited

For him, it’s obvious: if he’s invited, so are you! We tell you again: in his head, you are one.

9. He makes plans with you

He talks about traveling for two in the near future, isn’t afraid to bring up the idea of ​​living with you, and sometimes even talks about his dreams of becoming the father of your children. All without putting pressure on you. This relationship is serious!

10. He tells you he loves you

Quite simply, his “I love you” and his loving look when he says these words mean everything: you feel that he really cares about you, that’s for sure!