10 signs that show he is not for me – Let’s be realistic

What if, instead of throwing headlong into this story at the risk of burning our wings, we first asked ourselves this crucial question: is it really made for me? Certainly, you shouldn’t think too much, but there are a few clues that don’t disappoint: whatever you do, this story will end in failure. The proof by ten.

1 – Communication is bad

We know that good communication is the basis of any successful romantic relationship. So if we can’t be spontaneous and we don’t dare talk to him about everything “because he risks thinking this or that”, it is because it is not the right one. Point.

2 – you can’t be yourself

Example: he hates texting. However, we need it to feel loved on a daily basis. At first glance, we say to ourselves “I’m going to make an effort to adapt to him. I’m so in love, I don’t want to lose him because of it ”. Because of that? Big mistake! We are not there to adapt to the other. A relationship must flow naturally, we should not have to make efforts to please Monsieur and even less erase our personality.

3 – We live a one-way relationship

A couple is built in two. If we are the only one “deeply” involved in making this work, it is because this man is not made for us. If, when asked what we’re doing tonight, he replies “I don’t know, choose”, that it’s always up to us to get him back to see each other, it’s because he’s not. interested more than that. And therefore we deserve better. Especially since we, women, we like men who are strong. No, but!

4 – He has no time to give us

“You know Honey, I have a lot of work at the moment, that’s why we don’t see each other”. But of course! We too have a lot of work to do. And we know very well that when we really want to see someone, we always find time. We don’t want his bogus apologies.

 6 – He does not do any projects with us

Take us on a weekend? Introduce us to his parents? It’s simple, he never talks about it. And when we bring up the subject, he does everything to dodge. The sentences he comes out most often? “I’m afraid to commit, let’s move forward carefully”, “July? But it’s so far July, who tells you that we will still be together then? Ok, we have our answer.

7 – He doesn’t take care of himself

At home, it’s a slum! Dirty panties littering the floor, pots piling up in the sink, and a foul odor emanating from the toilets… It seems that our interior reflects our soul. What should we conclude in his case? If he takes care of us as he takes care of his business, we’re in a bad way …

8 – We don’t have the same vision of life

We want to start a family, have children while for his part, he leads a retarded teenage life and he says “oh dear, it won’t be for a long time anyway!” »Having differences to be complementary yes, but if we do not share a certain number of common values, it is clear that the relationship will not be able to be lasting.

9 – He devalues ​​us

Instead of pulling us up and cheering us on, he constantly devalues ​​us with phrases such as “drop it, you’ll never make it”, “if you lost a few pounds, maybe”. He can justify himself “oh but you do not understand the second degree? Even if it does, we hate his humor and we don’t want to hear that.

10 – We continue to watch men

If he is not the only one, the only one, and that we allow ourselves the right to continue to watch men or even to flirt with them, it is because we are not really in love. Or in any case not completely fulfilled since we are looking elsewhere for what they cannot or will not give us.