Should I leave him? – When you doubt your relationship …

For the past few months, our couple has been struggling. Torn between the desire to leave and the desire to stay, we no longer really know where we are.

Do we have to get off the ship before our relationship turns to a fiasco? Not easy to make such a decision, especially when you’ve built a whole bunch of things together.

So how do you know if this relationship still has a future? By taking the time to ask the right questions, quite simply.

We can’t stand it anymore

Its little flaws that we once adored are today our pet peeve.

We can no longer bear to see him turn his spoon ten times in his coffee, we hate the fact that he lacks humor and is always on the defensive, we are fed up that he never takes initiatives and that this it’s up to us to take care of everything: the shopping, the kids, the cooking, the cleaning… While Monsieur is going to sleep with his friends in front of a football match.

It has been spoken to him over and over again. Certainly, he tried to make an effort, but it did not manifest in the long term. We are simply tired and tired of this situation which we do not see the outcome.

The click: He’s been like that for ten years, we have to face the facts: he won’t change. Agreeing to stay so as not to hurt him or to disappoint the children is to lie to them and to lie to oneself.

If we’re no longer happy, what’s the point of continuing? We’re going to end up bitter, unpleasant and the story will end anyway, sooner or later…

We don’t make love anymore

Ah… Gone are the days when we threw ourselves on each other, anywhere, whenever! We were young, carefree, and we had only one idea in mind: to mix and have fun whenever the opportunity arose.

This feeling of being drawn like magnets, of not being able to fight against his impulses was magical.

Today, the last time he touched us was over six months ago, and again, he was just a boring missionary to die for …

The click: if we tried everything to try to rekindle the flame and that did not work, we know what we have to do.

It is essential to feel wanted, loved in a couple. The risk of staying? To be led to deceive him. However, this is far from being a solution!

He has no more little attentions for me
The time when darling had flowers delivered to us at work, came to pick us up unexpectedly to take us to a restaurant, or on a romantic weekend, that time is definitely over.

All we’re entitled to today is a little kiss on the forehead accompanied by a “Did you have a good day?” “As for the SMS exchanged, it is limited to” do not forget to take toilet paper in passing “. Super exhilarating, eh?

The click: if there is no more magic, if we no longer surprise each other, it is because the couple is dead. Sooner or later, we’ll end up wanting to feel that way again.

So, does this relationship still have a future?

We keep arguing over

The TV program, the way we educate children, the way we dress… Everything has become a pretext for arguments. Why stay in a relationship that does us more harm than good? What image of the couple do we give to our children?

The click: if we don’t see a way out of this situation, if we feel like we have reached a point of no return, then maybe we had better leave it.

It will not be easy, of course, but in the end, we will be happy to have left the ship before the big storm …