10 signs that you are in the seduction phase in your relationship

Couples’ life is not just a long, peaceful river! A romantic relationship always goes through different stages that punctuate the life of the couple. One of its first and most beautiful phases? The seduction phase! It is sometimes difficult, but oh so important for the couple to maintain the desire and to relearn to unceasingly reclaim. Here are 10 signs for you that prove that you are in the seduction phase in your relationship:

1 / Living as a couple? What advantages! No disadvantages!

During the seduction phase, you and your partner idealize each other. The moments spent together seem timeless, nothing can disturb the idyllic picture. You are in love, you are happy, nothing else matters.

2 / The routine? Not know!

Each new day spent with your love seems to be a rediscovery; he/she surprises you and you know how to surprise him/her in return! Your regular initiatives give your couple the feeling of living a beautiful and real adventure for two. Nothing is ever acquired, everything is always to be rebuilt!

3 / Arguments? What is that?

The arguments are a must in the life of a couple. But you’re not there yet! Your relationship is a long, calm river, and you easily defuse the onset of conflict. You and your other half agree on the whole line !!!

4 / The jealousy?

Do you know that little feeling of insecurity with regard to possible adversaries who would steal your darling from you? Well, you don’t have it. That’s right, why be jealous? You are so fused, mad with love and inseparable that the very idea of ​​possible competition passes law above you!

5 / You want to be perfect for each other

You and your partner are doing everything to be perfect for each other. You are still nervous in the presence of the other. Your game of seduction is constant, and this, from morning to evening. And the fact that a small piece of spinach between the teeth comes to spoil this beautiful image becomes your obsession!

6 / Your intimate relationships are frequent and intense

“Not tonight, I’m tired! “No, I have too much headache …” Two sentences that have no place in your relationship !! You are constantly rediscovering each other, and it’s always the big thrill! Sleep without making love? How? ‘Or’ What? Is this possible?

7 / Going out is always a pleasure, never an obligation

You never tire of going out and spending time together, your outings are far from having become routine. And all the activities suit you from the moment you are with him/her.

8 / You still get to know the other

You do not yet know him/her on your fingertips, and every day by his / her side brings you a lot of surprises and revelations. You still have a lot to learn from each other, and you love it!

9 / You still keep some secrets

Warning! It is more than normal, and even very healthy and important to keep your garden secret !!! But there are still a few things you would like him to know about you. But not right now! You prefer to wait before revealing certain darker aspects of your personality.

10 / You still present your darling to your friends

You like to show off by presenting your sweetheart to your friends, and you drink the compliments that people make about your couple. It’s your loved one, and you’re so proud of it! It is the most beautiful, and you are undeniably the luckiest to have it by your side !!!