How to live happily as a couple without argument

The arguments are chokepoints in the life of couple! On a daily basis, it is not always easy to know how to deal with the rhythm of the other, his habits, his little fads, etc … Should we give up happiness, as soon as we live together? Obviously not! It is completely normal, and even healthy for a couple to argue, but so that the conflicts do not degenerate, that they are not too frequent, that they do not come to tarnish your relation, it is important to know manage them, anticipate them and defuse them.  There are sentences, things you should think about in each argument, we have listed them in this article!

Here are some tips for living happily as a couple without arguments (or rather, managing them well ):

1 / Above all, never forget that your darling, despite everything, you love him!

What good are all these cries, these tears, these outbursts, these insults thrown into the heat of the action, these slammed doors? You will always end up in each other’s arms to tell you again all the love you have! So never lose sight of the essentials, the rest is often nothing.

2 / Say things immediately, and with diplomacy

Don’t leave things lying around, if something bothers you, say so (tactfully!). Do not wait for events to accumulate, otherwise, you will end up exploding by unpacking all of your bags at once! Avoid being hurtful when you make your remarks, it’s really counterproductive.

3 / Do not make yourself accusers, and do not generalize especially

Unconsciously or not, your thoughts can cause conflict. So don’t say “you always leave your stuff lying on the floor”, but rather “you left some t-shirts on the floor in the room, could you put them away my darling please?” “

4 / Lower the pressure by postponing the discussion

Do you feel anger rising? Go outside to defuse the impending explosion. Airing yourself out is the best way to avoid going headlong into the conflict.

5 / Do not blame the other for being what he is

Avoid low blows, know the difference between what your spouse is, and what he/she does. Do not venture into the field of questioning the opinions of the other, his origins, his physique, his family, this does not have to be.

6 / Know how to recognize your wrongs

Do not play the most stubborn! Often in the couple, the wrongs are shared. Do not persist in showing that you are right, and he/she is wrong. What really matters is finding solutions to your disagreements.

7 / Do not argue in public, in front of relatives, in front of your children

That’s not to say you don’t have to show your disagreements, no. But if you start to show disrespect for one another publicly, you are embarking on a very bad slope: the escalation of conflicts.

8 / dominate your anger

Do not stoop to insult, threaten, raise your hand. Your darling, you love him. And love comes through respect. Absolute respect, whatever the circumstances.

9 / Be honest with yourself

Do not manipulate, do not dramatize, do not dramatize, do not exaggerate, do not interpret, even if it is more than tempting: you are not at the cinema, it will only make things worse.

10 / Know how to apologize

In the end, is it really important to know who started or not? Who is wrong or who is right? No, the important thing is that your couple comes out of each of these little trials that you are going through together. Know how to say that you were wrong or that you went too far, that you did not think what you said, that you are sorry. A kiss, a hug, and we don’t talk about it anymore!