10 signs to know if someone secretly loves you

Finding the perfect match is a lot like a scavenger hunt in some pretty harsh terrain. Any wrong step or mistake can make us go through an embarrassment or a very bad time.

For this reason, people generally do not express their feelings until they are fairly certain that the other person feels something similar.

The whole game of glances, approaches, favors, and messages is a preliminary in which two people are making sure that each other likes each other enough to take a chance with a good success rate.

The ideal boy could be that best friend you have known all your life, but who has never dared to confess the feelings he has for you, or he could be that new classmate that you met very recently.


He might even seem like a very manly and confident guy, but when it comes to true love, he can hardly pull himself together enough to risk telling you how he feels about you unless he is completely sure that he is not going to suffer tremendous rejection.

Even the reason why he doesn’t tell you that he’s completely crazy about you is that he doesn’t want to miss out on opportunities to be around you even if it means having to behave like a “harmless friend.”

When there is attraction but also apprehension and anxiety on both sides, learning to detect the subtlest signals is vitally important so that you can be sure of their feelings towards you and dare to take the first step.

Here are ten signs and signals that the guy who is secretly in love with you is sure to show:

1.- Change when you are close

There are many guys who always seem relaxed, happy and comfortable in most situations, but if he is secretly in love with you, it is very likely that you will notice a change, which can be subtle or very evident, in his behavior when he realizes it. that you are near.

These types of abrupt changes are excellent evidence that you are causing an emotion that is difficult for him to handle. Perhaps he is trying to be more sophisticated or careful than he normally is so as not to take a wrong step or make a bad impression on you.

Even if you notice that this change is rare and not so pleasant for you, you should respect his way of acting and at least manage to send him a big smile and that he knows that he can be himself when he is with you.


2.- His eyes say it all

He may not say it in words but, his eyes are a projection of what he feels towards you. You may catch him looking at you for a long time and then realizing and turning abruptly when he realizes you notice.

His eyes would like to stay looking at you all day and even if he wants to hide it, it is very difficult. Does your best friend radiate glow and warmth in his eyes every time he sees you? Well, he’s probably not so happy with just being your friend.

Pay close attention to the patterns in her gaze. Above all, try to catch him looking at you when he thinks you don’t see him.


3.- He blushes

Adorable blushes and shy smiles are usually attributed to girls, but don’t doubt that if he secretly loves you, at some point he will miss one or two of these.

Have you ever noticed that his cheeks turn red when you make a compliment or good comment towards him? Or do you congratulate him on something? Or do you just walk by and say hello?

If your actions have such a great impact on him it is for something, and surely it is for something good. Try giving him the occasional innocent compliment and analyze his body language very carefully.


4.- It seems that you are the only important thing

When a boy secretly loves you, it is very common that he is always very attentive to your particular responses even when they are among more people.

For example, if someone tells a bad joke and you happen to laugh, he will laugh too. Or when he asks a group question, it seems that the only answer he takes into account is yours.

You are simply the focus of their attention and they want to get to know you better. Sometimes this behavior can take the place of teasing you. It is not bad will, but maybe he does not know very well how else to approach you and that it does not seem that he likes you.


5.- He is the first person to respond

From being the first person to notice you’ve changed your haircut or bought a new jacket, to being the first to comment and “like” your social media posts, they are always the first to give a social response when It’s about you.

If he is in love with you, then he is doing it because he is trying to make you notice his presence. In a way, it is a type of initiative, even if he is not sure if you demonstrated his feelings.

6.- He is not interested if you have attractive friends

A friend who doesn’t flirt with your other friends or ask you to introduce him to any of them is rare. Especially if you are single. So this can be a good clue as to where your real interest lies.

These types of friends will never make you jealous with the presence of other women in his life, and it seems that the only female company he has is you.

For example, if you happen to meet at a party full of pretty girls, instead of going around to see who he’s hooking up with, he might stay chatting quietly with you.


7.- He touches you “accidentally” frequently

If a guy is secretly in love with you, he will find a way to get in physical contact with you. These “accidental” frictions may well even be unconscious and are characterized by not being invasive or annoying. Nothing to make you feel uncomfortable.

He may not be able to resist and touch your hand during a conversation, or hug you under any pretext, subtly arrange your hair. Maybe touch your back while walking together or tickle you.

Some kids may not understand niceties and, as we mentioned earlier, have difficulty expressing interest.

So they can be a little “rude” and make you “jokes” like carrying you or pushing you in a friendly way. But do not confuse these innocent displays with harassment or bullying. If it bothers you, just tell them.


8.- He does everything for you

There are very good friends who are always willing to give us a hand and help us.

But there is a particular type of friend who is aware of your smallest wishes and is quick to fulfill them without asking for anything in return, sometimes even before you know how they knew it. Those are the ones who are in love with you.

Allow yourself to be pampered and see how he reacts when you show some difficulty. If he’s the first to jump out of the chair to help you, there’s something else there.


9.- He accompanies you shopping

Or to any other activity that guys would normally find boring. A guy who secretly loves you is willing to wait three hours for you to choose pants just so he can spend time with you. And besides, it doesn’t seem to bother him at all.

When a guy says yes to any plan, even if it’s watching your synchronized swimming practice, he really loves you.

10.- For him, everything is about you

Boys are just as egomaniacal as girls, and they also like to talk about themselves. But a boy who is secretly in love with you is dying to know more about you and thus be able to find out if you like him or not, so he will always lead the conversation to what has to do with you.

Guys usually talk a lot about themselves when they want to openly woo you. But when they don’t dare to do so, they do the opposite: they listen carefully to whatever you have to say.

Did you identify with any or several of these points? Well, you can now take the initiative with a little more assurance that your feelings are reciprocated.