The truth about finding a partner in your 30s

Who Said Finding A Match Is Easy? Sometimes we are luckier, other times it can be more complicated, and especially as the years go by it gets worse. Date in your 30s?

Sometimes this does not necessarily have to do with age, you are still young – yes, believe me it is. The point is that as the years go by, you accumulate experiences — unfortunately sometimes more bad than good — and that’s when things get more complicated.

Finding a partner in your 30s, especially when you’ve just gotten over a separation or divorce — and you also have kids — is like finding a needle in a haystack.

But don’t worry, yes you can!

It is true that it is not so easy to get a “good” man at our age, but we still have time to do it. Let the game begin!

Here are some truths about finding a partner in your 30s that you should not miss .

1. You are intimidating

People are full of prejudices, but at this point it’s even funny, because it turns out that for many people your age, having children, a stable job, your own home, your own car, and more can be very intimidating.

For some men your age is summed up as being a woman who is mature and wise enough. This makes you attractive.

But also, in some way, if they haven’t managed to achieve the same goals as you, it can turn out to be very intimidating. They will think that you are more demanding and worse, they may feel inferior to you.

2. The female biological clock thing is real

If you are looking for a partner in your 30s and you still do not have children, surely you will feel a great additional pressure because you are thinking, of course, that as the years go by, the chances that you can have children are reduced.

It’s hard not to think about it, and it’s a real fear. But, we are no longer in the time of our parents or grandparents, where women began to have children from the age of 17. Times have changed and even many women, even with a stable partner, have children after 30.

Worrying about it won’t change things, and if you can’t have children, there will always be other options, like adopting …

3. You know what you want

It doesn’t always apply to all women, but usually, by the time you’ve passed the 30s line, you’re much further on your way in life.

You know well what you are looking for in a person and this also means having fewer dates, because you are much more demanding. You are not here to waste your time.

At 20 years old, you are still starting to get to know life, guys, and form your own expectations. But, when you have already gone through several relationships, and especially through a separation or divorce process, you will want to be much more careful when choosing your partner.

Now you think about starting a family and not making the same mistakes of the past, you are risking your future and the possibility of being with the right person, who can accompany you throughout your life.

4. Most of your friends are already married

We all have an accomplice friend, the one who does everything to get you a partner. Your adventure companion! The one who accompanies you every Friday night to a bar or to the disco in search of the ideal man.

But oh! Now almost all of your friends are married or engaged, and suddenly you find yourself alone in what was once a fun game of partying and “hunting” boys. Now your friends change diapers and go out to the park on Sundays.