10 signs you should give him a chance

That’s it, it’s D-Day. You’re on a date for the first time with a guy. “What does he think of me? Does he really like me? Am I charmed? Do we want the same? “… You keep asking yourself if you should give it a chance … So, here are the 10 signs that prove it to you.

1 / you are excited when he talks to you

Doesn’t he leave you indifferent? As soon as he looks at you, do you feel butterflies in his stomach? That’s a hell of a good sign!

2 / He makes you laugh

“Laughing woman is half in your bed” as the saying goes. If he has a sense of humor and makes you laugh, it is a sign of compatibility, you are in symbiosis.

3 / He is interested in you

He keeps asking you questions and always seeks to know more about you? He wants to get to know you, he is not interested in a one night stand, but in a romantic relationship.

4 / he seduces you

Without being pushy and heavy, does he have a few insistent looks on you and kindly tease you during the date? The game of seduction begins. If you feel completely comfortable, maybe it will turn into a beautiful, true love story.

5 / You have the same vision of things

It is not necessary to have absolutely everything in common to be compatible. Still, knowing if you have the same plans for life together is a good clue about the connection you have.

6 / you are not bored

If the date went off at full speed and you didn’t see the clock ticking when you were together, you definitely need to give it a chance.

7 / He doesn’t rush you

The subject of the second meeting is launched? He doesn’t try to rush you or pressure you into spending a second time together. Conversely, he does not make you languish and is not nonchalant in his answers.

8 / He is conciliatory

For the next date, he tries to figure out how to arrange it and not to intrude too much on your other commitments. Is he trying to find a place near you and a time that fits your schedule? That’s a good point!

9 / He is different from the others

OK, you have certain preferences and several “selection criteria”. However, it should in no way be a cut and paste of your ex or any previous conquest. Otherwise, it’s over in advance. You must feel that he is different.

10 / you are curious about him

The appointment is over? You had a lovely time, you wished it would last longer. Questions are flowing in your head, you want to know more? At the next meeting, go for it!