Couple: 10 things more painful than cheating

For many couples, finding out that your partner is unfaithful is the worst thing that can happen in a relationship.

And yet, unfortunately, there are acts and attitudes that can hurt us even more severely. Here are the 10 acts of betrayal in a couple more painful than deception …

  1. Learn that in the evening, he flirts with all the girls

So of course, he never takes action, and “limits” himself to flirting and playing pretty hearts. But hey, knowing that our Jules makes his eyes soft as soon as we have our backs turned for the pleasure of seducing is more than enough to make us feel betrayed and humiliated.

  1. That he leaves us suddenly

On Monday, everything was fine, we were making perfect love, and we had even talked about marriage. But on Tuesday, badaboum: he announces to us, without sparing us, that in fact it’s been months since he no longer felt anything for us, that he is packing his bags and leaving. Shock question, it arises there.

  1. To realize that he is hiding something huge from us

Like, in fact, he’s been married twice before us, and he has a child from one of his previous unions. Or when we realize one day completely by chance that our Jules is not the sales manager of his import-export company, but a salesman in a furniture store. But what is wrong with him that he invents such stories? And he doesn’t value us enough to tell us the truth or what?

  1. That he constantly lies

Confidence, in a couple, is quite simply essential. So when we realize that our loved one is lying to us all the time, even if it is about trivial or unimportant things, we will feel as much betrayed as when we learn that he is leading a double life.

  1. Understand that he tells his s**x life to his friends

Ok, when he’s with his friends, we can imagine that sometimes they talk about us, and sometimes they talk about s**x too. But to realize that he unboxes our most intimate moments in front of a beer and a football match with his friends, just to make fun of it, it’s really horrible.

  1. Go after her or her best friend

Nothing worse than hearing the person we love tell us that his family is a taboo subject, that he never tells anyone … well except for Sophie, his best friend. Uh, and what are we used for in history?

  1. That he throws up a secret that we told him

It is never easy to confess a secret to someone, even when that person is their beloved. So to learn that this thing that we had accepted and made the effort to confide in him, he went to repeat it without embarrassment and without taking gloves from someone else, it is really worse than a deception.

  1. That he refuses to start a family with us

When everything is going well with our darling, but one day he declares to us that for him, the children, it is non and non-negotiable, whereas we saw in him the future father of our children, everything is collapse inside of us …

  1. Let him use the children in our arguments

As a parent, seeing that your partner has no qualms about using our children against us in an argument is devastating. Often, we are distraught, we do not know what to do, but above all we are terribly disappointed, and all the esteem we had for our spouse is lost.

  1. That he disappears overnight

Being left is far from pleasant, but at least when our partner tells us that he is leaving, we know what to expect, and we can ask him for explanations. Whereas in the face of someone passing out in the wild, you will never know if you did something wrong, what was wrong, if there is someone else, if there is really loved us … Horror!