10 Signs You’re Dating an Immature Guy

We’re not talking about men who laugh at silly jokes. Every man will always have that teenage side.

Janaína recently broke up with her boyfriend.

It wasn’t because of some dramatic fight, or because he was unfaithful… And it certainly wasn’t because she didn’t like him anymore.

In general, Henrique, her boyfriend, was a great boyfriend.

Janaína broke up with Henrique when it became very obvious that they were not at the same stage in life.

Despite being the same age, they were on different levels.

It took Janaína a while to realize that Henrique wasn’t mature enough for the relationship she wanted, but thanks to Henrique, Janaína learned what it’s like to date an immature boy.

1. You Are His First Real Date.

He’d had a brief romance or two in high school, but never more.

He never dated seriously.

If you’re his first girlfriend in the “real world”, you’ll probably have to teach him a few basics.

The only thing he compares this relationship to is hormone and puberty when he was 17.

In his mind, when things get serious, you’re going to act like the psychotic girlfriend he had in high school… and he’s going to treat you like that.

The thing is, if you’re his first real girlfriend, you’re going to have to teach him a lot of things, and most of that will be the difference between girls and women.

2. He doesn’t know how to communicate.

Communication is key in any relationship.

There will always be confrontations, fights, and arguments where the couple comes close to a separation, but the way all this is handled is what determines the success or not of the relationship.

If your boyish boy isn’t willing to listen to you, or if he largely disregards your feelings, he’s not man enough to be with you in a lasting relationship.

3. He Loves His Pride More Than Relationships.

In dating, you have to give in many times and you also have to choose battles.

If your man loves being right more than he loves you, then he’s not man enough… he’s just a stubborn little boy.

Everyone has to swallow their pride sometime, and stubborn little boys aren’t willing to do that just yet.

4. He Does Not Take Responsibility for His Mistakes.

This sign is a matter of blaming someone.

When something happens in the relationship, it’s rarely if ever his fault.

If you’re willing to accept what you’ve done wrong and he’s not, he basically thinks he’s always right.

This is a sign of an immature and selfish man as well.

5. He Doesn’t Want You To Count On Him.

When things get tough, he disappears.

In the midst of a crisis in any area of ​​life, you look to him for help or advice, but you can’t find it.

You might get some sympathy from him, but he puts the least amount of effort into being the person you can count on.

This is because immature boys run away from the problem when it is too difficult for them.

In other words, men are strong, children are weak.

6. You’re Only His Girlfriend When It’s Convenient For Him.

Did you have plans for a nice weekend together? What a pity that something more important came up for him just in the day.

Sometimes he just made something up just to sleep that day.

Real men, who are committed to the relationship, put you before themselves most of the time.

Immature guys don’t even seem to have a girlfriend when it’s not convenient for them to see you.

7. He Gets Lazy.

He stopped trying months ago.

You no longer get the cute messages you used to get.

You have to run after a compliment because he doesn’t offer it anymore.

And the “I called you just because…” calls have decreased so much that you don’t even expect him to call anymore.

8. He Is Hypocritical.

Remember that time he got annoyed just because you didn’t reply to his text? Now he does it just to annoy you.

All those things you swore you’d never do again, he can’t see the irony of doing it exactly the same way.

9. He Has No Ambition.

He is very unhappy about something but does not take any action to resolve it. Not every man needs to know exactly what he wants to be out of life, but a lack of motivation in his personal life is guaranteed to contaminate your relationship.

10. Instead of breaking up with you, he’ll act like an idiot until you break up with him.

That’s something only soft boys do.

When the relationship is past its expiration date, instead of being honest with you, he’d rather be childish until you break up with him.

That way, he doesn’t have the responsibility to be the bad guy, and he’ll blame you if there are regrets.


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