10 things men like you wouldn’t expect

We all know some general things that any man likes, but among them, there are a lot of false beliefs and stereotypes that prevent us from exploiting other simple and infallible ways to please them and have them at our feet.

Things we don’t do because we think they don’t like them or don’t care about them.

Get creative with seduction and use these strategies to keep the flame of romantic love and interest alive with your guy. We assure you that you will love them:

1.  That you send the first text message of the day

James Michael Sama, in one of his articles for the Huffington Post, explains that men feel that there is a lot of pressure on them because they are always expected to be the initiators of a conversation.

It’s true, especially when they just met you; they are the ones who are supposed to approach you in a restaurant or at a party.

The ones who should ask you out and call you first or at least text you after the first date. Those who approach to consummate the kiss. Whenever it comes to contact of any kind, they are expected to take the initiative.

And although they usually like it, since it involves them a challenge and they love a challenge, it does not hurt that from time to time you are cute and relieve that constant pressure.

If they are already dating or have “something” on their hands, it’s okay if you surprise him from time to time by sending him the first message of the day.

2. They love that you laugh

As a general rule, boys are a bit more uninhibited when it comes to laughing at silly or absurd things. It’s not that girls don’t like the same jokes, but they’re a bit more reserved.

Guys know that making a woman laugh is an effective way to score big points.

So if you dare to genuinely laugh and let your sense of humor flow with a boy you like, you will make him have a much better time with you and leave him wanting another outing.

Remember that most of the nonsense they do, they do it to make you laugh, so don’t pretend to be serious.

3. They like your motherly side

By nature, men are protective and like to take care of you. However, they also enjoy it when their girl cares about them and allows herself to have a somewhat motherly side.

We are all happy that they care about us and show us it with nice details, like a home-cooked meal, a call to see how our day went, or that they arrive with chicken soup and pain relievers when we fall ill.

Few admit it, but knowing that they have a partner willing to take care of them in difficult moments generates a lot of peace and motivates them to continue striving to make you happy.

4. Snuggle

We have been led to believe that men have a tremendous need for independence immediately after being intimate.

But the reality is that just like you, they love to cuddle without looking for anything other than tenderness, warmth, and physical contact.

Nor is it that they are cuddling 24 hours a day because both have things to do and sometimes the excess of affection can be overwhelming.

But don’t be afraid to be expressive and frequently invite him to snuggle with you.

5. Talk about your emotions

Who said men don’t like to talk about their feelings? It is one thing that they are not used to it or do not know very well how, and quite another is that it is not as liberating and healthy as it is for us.

Some kids hold back because they are convinced that talking about their feelings will make them appear weak.

But if you create a space in which he feels understood and encouraged to share his emotions, little by little he will open up and become more and more assertive in communication.

Ideally, both of you feel free to talk about your emotions whenever you need to.

6. That you talk about them on social networks

Perhaps this particular point is not the best idea if they are just beginning to date or do not have anything serious, but if they are already dating, you should know what to mention from time to time in networks that you are with him.

Or uploading a photo where they appear together, or simply thanking you for a spectacular date, are things that will make you feel special and taken into account.

Also, when you make it clear on your wall that you are dating someone, they feel calmer because you send a message of exclusivity that limits other men’s dating attempts; finally, they do not stop being territorial.

It is not necessary that all your publications have to do with him, and it is always a good idea to let him know that you plan to upload a photo of both of them or a mention that shows that he was with you.

But do not stop sharing with the world the gifts he gives you and the things that make you feel proud and in love, he will appreciate it a lot.

7. That you pay attention to them and listen to them

Men are less verbal and not as communicative as women, true. That is why when they have something to say it is because it is something important to them.

You may not be very interested in hearing the details of his job meeting or the last game of his soccer team.

But listening to it and giving it the same attention that you like to receive is a show of reciprocity that they really value.

Also, when they feel heard and understood in a deep way and not just superficially, boys are much more likely to share important parts of their lives with you that they may hide from other people.

8. That you send them messages when you are with your friends

To put it in all its words, your boyfriend likes this.

Because by establishing communication even when you are with your friends or in a social commitment, you send him the unspoken message that he does not have to worry about possible love rivals, since all your emotional attention is only on him.

You don’t need to give him a step-by-step chronicle of how your night is going with images and video included, just let him know that you are still there and you have not eloped with an eight-foot-tall foreigner.

It sounds ridiculous, but put yourself in his shoes, wouldn’t it make you feel more at ease if he texted once in a while if he’s hanging out with his friends?

9. That you need them

Men know that women, deep down, really don’t need them for anything, least of all for tasks like changing a bulb, a tire, or fixing the sink faucet.

But that does not mean that they do not feel important when for one reason or another we ask for their help.

There are two extremes at this point and both are bad. If you don’t allow him to do anything for you, he will end up feeling a little worthless, but if you ask him to do everything, he will end up feeling fed up.

Keep your balance and don’t be afraid to ask for help, but if you’re going to be a “damsel in distress,” make sure it’s worth it.

10. That you really appreciate what they do for you

Just as you like to feel valued, guys need to hear from time to time that you really take into account and appreciate all those little annoyances that are taken to please you.

Do not assume that it is their obligation to come through you, pay the bill, or go to the end of the world to get something you need. Doing things for each other is a natural part of a relationship, but so is gratitude and reciprocity.

To show that you appreciate him, try to have details with him as well and to the same extent. Saying thank you is fine, but it’s better when you accompany them with a homemade cake or a relaxing massage, for example.

Finally, it is important to mention that each man is different and some are much more open than others to affectionate and sentimental expressions.

Don’t be afraid to explore different ways to make him happy, and when you identify something he really likes, try to do it often to show him how much you love him.