5 reasons why men like difficult women

“Women are crazy”, “a woman must be loved, not understood.”

Surely you have heard these expressions, they are very common and both are held under the same belief: women are emotional beings, irrational and there is no way to understand what they want or why they act as they do.

Is that really true?

The truth is that men and women are very different from each other and have different ways of seeing life or dealing with problems.

That is the origin of many misunderstandings between both pertners.

Guys have a tendency to generalize to all women and to sell the female as “complicated” or “difficult”, however, if you get the impression that they like that difficulty, you are not wrong.

They talk a lot about how “contradictory” women are, but men love such crazy things.

Here are 5 reasons why men prefer women to be complicated (even if they don’t recognize it):

1. Men like tough challenges

This is the basis of everything for them.

Competition is part of the masculine essence.

Confronting a “difficult woman” is a way to replace that constant competition. Why? “Difficult women” are capricious, stubborn, do things their own way, are determined, and do not allow themselves to be dominated.

For them, “putting them in their place” or “taming” them is a kind of competition, not only against them but against themselves. They want to show that they are capable of imposing themselves.

And why do they want to impose themselves? Men by nature enjoy dominating, they like challenges, it motivates them.

It is not only a social custom. In fact, it is a very natural issue, originating from your brain.

When a man competes and wins, his brain secretes three hormones that are associated with the feeling of happiness: dopamine, serotonin, and adrenaline.

It’s simple: when they feel like they have expired, the hormones are secreted and become a neurochemical reward that gives them an excellent sensation.

Also, the tougher the competition, the better. They also increase their testosterone levels, which makes them feel more manly.

2. There is a greater attraction for difficult women

They love intimacy! They think about it constantly (more than perhaps we would like to know), physical desire occurs thanks to the secretion of substances in the brain amygdala.

Being intimate with a “difficult woman” can be much more enjoyable, as it becomes a kind of mutual challenge under the covers, motivating them to please and be the best in bed.

It takes that competition, men to enjoy intimacy, which triggers neurochemical responses in the brain.

3. Men feel more manly

One of the reasons why competition is constant for men is that their body produces between ten and one hundred times more testosterone than women.

This hormone is essentially male, it is related to the traits, aggressiveness, and brute strength of the body.

When there are high levels of testosterone, competing and winning becomes a necessity for men. Gaining territory and defending yourself through a show of force becomes an instinct.

That is why it is so common for them to get into physical fights with others, when testosterone is through the roof, maintaining social relationships takes a back seat. What matters is to prevail.

In addition, boys also have more receptors for vasopressin (also known as the “lust hormone”).

A cocktail of testosterone and vasopressin, if secreted simultaneously, will increase the aggressive instinct, but also the mating instinct.

4. Difficult women are more addictive, literally

If there is one thing that characterizes “difficult women” it is that they are not predictable. They are never boring. With them, you cannot know what to expect.

In most cases, with an average woman, it’s easy for guys to guess what they have to do to win her over.

If you take her to meet your family, she will surely think that you are a sweet man with the possibility of entering into a serious relationship that leads to a stable marriage.

If you take her to a nice dinner and a nice hotel, you can expect that at the end of the night they will get intimate.

In contrast, a “difficult woman” does not settle for just anything.

In fact, if you apply the “surefire” tricks on her, like taking her somewhere fancy and splurging on luxuries for her, you may not be able to surprise or win her over.

It is not easy to convince or obtain, it is a great challenge. And all that leads, again, to the male brain.

As we mentioned, men secrete the “hormones of happiness” when they feel that they have won the competition. However, dopamine is also released earlier.

When you want to get something, the brain secretes dopamine in anticipation of the reward.

There is a real risk of being addicted because your body produces more dopamine waiting to get that woman than it produces when you are with her.

The body gets used to wanting her, forms the habit of following that “difficult woman” even if she doesn’t listen to you.

5. A Difficult Woman Increases Men’s Self-Esteem

The human brain is very arrogant.

When you form an idea about something, based on your perception, your brain will search for facts and evidence to support that opinion, while instinctively it will ignore information that dismantles or denies that idea.

That is why the followers of a politician are incapable of seeing his bad things and, at the same time, incapable of recognizing the qualities of his rival, for example.

Men are almost conditioned (from religion to publicity) despite negatively weighing on women.

Basically, to reply that females has been problematic since Eve since the creation of the Catholic religion.

Naturally, after centuries of this image, that bias makes them constantly find evidence to reaffirm that the “difficult” are women.

Self-esteem determines the perception we have of ourselves, and part of the factors that affect that self-esteem is the perception that others have about us.

Basically: what others think matters to us and affects us, to the point that we begin to see ourselves as those around us see us.

This is why many women end up turning and acting like those “crazy” men with bias expect.

As they see them like this, they end up reflecting on that image and becoming it.