10 things that can make your man loyal

The secrets so that he does not go elsewhere!

Finding a man is easy, but keeping him to yourself as long as possible is a little more complicated, what’s more, temptation is everywhere. So that it does not fall into the hands of another, here are the secrets to make it faithful.

1. trust him

For guys, it’s easier to betray a jealous, boring girl than a girl who trusts them, because they feel less guilty. A man who is constantly spied on, investigated, oppressed and watched tends to deceive easily. To be faithful, establish a relationship of trust and freedom. So, the favorites, the fits of jealousy, put them in the closet, and take it upon yourself as long as nothing serious has happened!

2.Future plans

Two-person projects help solidify the relationship, especially if the lovers want to take the next step: starting a family. Moreover, the future prospects are more than effective in keeping a man faithful, even if for some guys, it goes crazy. It’s all about timing, the rule is above all not to rush things. Don’t make the mistake of telling Jules about your desire to become a mother after 2 months of dating.


Men love the comfort of a stable life together, although they also appreciate surprises and changes. It seems trivial, but cheating takes a lot of things: time, organization not to get caught, and energy since you are juggling two women at the same time. All that is complicated, and it can be discouraging! So, chicks, make him find real comfort with you.

4. always seduce him

Whether you’ve been together for 3 weeks, a few months or for years, do not stop seducing Jules to be faithful, especially if he has a tendency to go and lift other people’s petticoats. If you doubted it, put yourself in his shoes, will you stay faithful if he doesn’t take care of him? So, make an effort, and do not neglect yourself. For that, no need to spend 3 hours in the bathroom every day, take care of yourself in a simple way: waxing, hairstyle, varnish, clothes that outline your curves, make-up … It will make him happy, but you too , because you will feel better about yourself, you will have more confidence, result: you are more attractive.


Many men cheat on their partners only to show that they are capable of seduction and to experience the narcissistic satisfaction of being told that they are Attractive, beautiful and desirable. If they are complimented, reassured and valued by the official, they will not go into the arms of other women. Girls, a few compliments from you, and Jules will stay true.

6. Make limits

Men are not faithful because their partner gives them too much freedom. Jules wants to spend the Friday evening with his group of friends, you don’t say anything; a girl sends him a message, you don’t react either. Which makes him take you for granted, and he can do whatever he wants, even big mistakes, because you are always going to forgive him. So, before things get too far, assert yourself, and set limits. Let him know the consequences of his actions, because you are a beautiful and strong woman, and you deserve a man who respects you!

7. activities for two

To keep a man faithful, learn to share things together. Always try to choose an activity that you both enjoy. Do this once a week. To awaken desire and get closer physically, bet on dance such as tango for example. This will bring you closer, but above all, it will make you more accomplices to facilitate communication. So, you talk a lot, and it’s not going to let the problems escalate.


If you want Jules to not cheat on you with one of your girlfriends, surround yourself with your less dressed friends… So if you have girlfriends who are not really pretty, it’s a win. However, to avoid having problems with super attractive girlfriends, wait until they are in a relationship before introducing them to your man. That way, he won’t have any ideas, and his heart will beat exclusively for you.

9.An ally in Jules’ gang

Your man has probably already introduced you to his friends. So much the better, take one of his friends in the pocket. So, during guy nights, make sure your new best friend gets your man back on the right track if he gets lost. This way, you won’t worry again once Jules is spending the night outside, because he will be well watched and will not do anything stupid.

10.A little mystery

To keep a man faithful, you have to know how to keep your garden a secret and maintain it regularly. So, leave room for mystery to keep the flame alive and the desire to discover the other again and always more. Do not hesitate to offer each other moments of solitude where each one can do what he wants. It will have a positive impact on the continuity of the relationship, but above all, on loyalty.