10 things that give men feelings for you

These tips can make guys feel for you very quickly.

If there is one thing that most girls have trouble understanding, it is how to make a man love them and be genuinely interested in them.

The truth is, it can sometimes take a little while for a guy to see you as more than just an asshole, especially if he’s a little obsessed.

That being said, making a man care about you is possible if you know what to do.

Here are 10 of the easiest ways to get him to think of you in a loving and caring way.

1. Talk to him about the intimate details of your life and ask him about his own.

Tell him funny stories from your childhood. Ask him how he got this scar.
Show that you care about him as a person and things will go far.

2. Show him your vulnerable side.

The important thing here is to make him want to protect you, not make him want to call a therapist.
A little vulnerability (but not insecurity) is a good thing. Too much will make you look tacky and desperate.

3. Keep eye contact.

Studies show that prolonged eye contact makes men more likely to fall in love with you.

4. Make him a good meal.

Older women always tell girls that a man’s heart goes through the stomach.
Well, they don’t lie.
Showing your domestic goddess side will cause most men to think of you in a different way.

5. Leave if you think he takes you for granted.

The easiest way to make people understand what they have lost is to take it out of their life, even if it is temporary.
When you disappear, he ends up realizing that people like you are rare.
It will make him care more about you than harassing him to get his attention.

6. Use the Pavlovian training method.

Pavlov was an intelligent man. He trained dogs to drool by associating a reward with a sound.
You can take inspiration from his training method by trying to get men to associate you with good feelings or feelings of power.
By complimenting them and showing your desire for them, they begin to want to be closer and closer to you.

7. Make love regularly and frequently.

Have you noticed that people who have s ex frequently often end up dating?
If s ex is good, there is a good chance that his hormones will cause him to act “caring” rather than just “rewarding”.

8. Also act as a friend.

The last thing men want to have next to them is a girl who seems more interested in the relationship than the guy she talks to.
If you want him to take care of you, treat him like a friend who also interests you s exually.

9. Hold her hand.

This simple gesture actually releases hormones that stimulate love in men.

10. Communicate your desire.

The only thing men want more than anything is to be wanted.
Showing him that you want him will probably make him take care of you.