10 things women will never understand about men

It is well known: men are from Mars, women are from Venus. Hence the misunderstandings and disputes. While waiting to find a common ground, Here are 10 tips for you that women will never understand in men.

1 – They play “dead”

When we have a problem, we feel the need to talk about it with our lover. All we want is to clarify the situation as quickly as possible. On the contrary, they lock themselves in their cave for hours or even days. Frankly, wouldn’t it be easier to discuss?

2 – They spend three loads in the toilet

A woman, when she goes to the bathroom, it takes two minutes. She does what she has to do and presto, it’s done. While the men spend three pellets on the throne, with a book. How intoxicating is it to breathe in the smell of your poop?

3 – They speak little

While we want to talk all the time, they never seem to really feel the need. They speak when they have something interesting to say. The rest of the time, they are silent.

4 – They don’t ask questions

“Come what may”, “we’ll see where it takes us”, “let’s live from day to day”… So many characteristic phrases of our friends, men. It’s crazy their ability to take life as it comes when we always need to know a minimum in which direction we are going.

5 – They are not very SMS

We would love to receive about thirty a day, to discuss everything and nothing. Men only send them when it is necessary or even vital. “Can you buy stople bread?” “. Super s**xy texting…

6 – They have a hard time saying “I love you”

We know very quickly if we are going to fall in love or not. Conversely, men need more time to discover feelings. So much so that we can spend several months waiting for a simple “I love you”.

7 – They love football

Frankly, hat. Watching guys kick a ball for an hour and a half, we’re having a hard time.

8 – They never lower the toilet seat

Why do they need to raise it anyway? Can’t they aim in the hole without putting it everywhere?

9 – They are filthy

They fart, they burp, without embarrassment. They are not all aware that it is the number 1 killer in the eyes of women.

10 – They don’t want advice

When you give them advice, it is with a good heart, to help them. However, men take it for an insult “I know what to do, you don’t trust me or what?” Calm down, I just wanted to help you…