10 things you should never tell your boyfriend

Who has never wanted to keep an image of a princess, a perfect girl in the eyes of her Jules? So, is all truth good to say? Or do you have to make a secret garden where no one can enter? If you want your darling to look at you with loving eyes, as if you were unique, here are 10 little things not to reveal to him at the start of the relationship

Your discussions with your ex

Your friend should not know that you have kept in touch with your ex, even less than you have had fun archiving all his emails/texts in order to be able to read his love words again. You have trouble drawing a line. Certainly. Everyone has a hard time sweeping the past with a magic wand, everything is to be discreet while waiting for this fiery passion to die out. Nostalgia remains present for a long time, but it fades over time, until it erases everything, as if nothing had existed. Your boyfriend does not necessarily want to know your sentimental past. Your present is him, and no one else.

Your diary

Being honest and sincere towards your boyfriend is good, and even recommended. But Jules certainly does not want to dive headlong into the hellish complexity of your girl’s brain, nor to know all your problems and all your disillusioned questions about your complicated life. Keep your newspaper under your bed, it belongs only to you. One day, perhaps, you will explain more calmly to him what is going on in your head. For now, the simple and spontaneous girl that you are, suits her perfectly.

Your hours spent waiting for his call

Admit to him that you waited for his call all night, that you could not close your eyes as you were afraid that he had forgotten you … This is to show him that you attach too much importance to him. First, he may be frightened by your overly stuffy feelings, second, he might think it’s all over and no longer try to make your heartbeat. So, yes, you are stressed when he does not answer your text messages within a minute, or when, after promising to call you, your phone does not ring. Nothing serious, he’s a guy. Remember that we don’t work the same way!

Your possessiveness

No need to offer him a good cause right away to leave you! Ok, you really have the balls because the gentleman decided to go have a drink with his friends tonight, when you would rather have preferred to spend the evening huddled against him, on the sofa. Is. But that, above all, he must not know. So you take out your mask in a good mood, display your biggest smile and swing it one: “Of course darling, have fun with your friends.” See you later “. After if you really want it, when he is gone, you can cry, gobble up Nutella and list all his faults on a post it.

Your photos buried in a box

Your darling doesn’t need to know that three years ago you wore baggy, had atebas in your hair and had an extreme passion for skateboarders. Even less that you had no style and that you really didn’t know how to dress, that your face looked more like a cross ground than a rose petal. In short, frankly, you do not have to show him these famous photos … that you yourself have moved away from your own sight elsewhere!

Your weakness for blondes

Jules is a beautiful dark brown. And you genuinely love it. However, you really fall for the blond, English type. Be careful not to tell him, he would be upset. Besides, your Jules is not bad like that, right?

Your big cotton panties

No, you also don’t need to sleep in your big panties … Yes yes, the ones you love so much and which are so pleasant! Prefer your tangas and your tight boxers, it’s still s**xier.

Your love of youth

Yes, you liked Vincent more than anything. This beautiful blonde met on the southern sand, with whom you watched the sun go down on the sea … Certainly. You have the right to keep these beautiful memories in the bottom of your heart … but not to display them in broad daylight, in front of your current darling.