10 unpleasant signs but indicating that you are living the most beautiful relationship of your life

1. You have no problem with not being able to do what you want.

You pay attention to the way you behave. You think before you act because now you know that your actions affect another person. You should always worry about the repercussions that your actions or your words will have on your partner and that suits you. Now you no longer live just for yourself and it doesn’t bother you in the least.

2. You are becoming more and more comfortable with your vulnerability.

You allow yourself to welcome this type of vulnerability which only accompanies sincere relationships. You allow yourself a weakness that you willingly expose to your partner. You are beginning to understand that in order for you to be able to trust yourself further, you must be able to share your vulnerability with the other.

3. You no longer walk on eggs as soon as a potential conflict comes up.

You used to walk on eggs because you were constantly afraid of starting arguments in which you did not want to get involved. However, the strongest couples are not reluctant to start a conflict or an argument because they know that their bonds are strong enough to allow them to overcome them. You know that your relationship is strong enough to withstand any argument that you and your partner are likely to have.

4. You no longer have this compulsive need to constantly contradict your partner.

Being right is no longer as important as it used to be. You let your spouse triumph in arguments because you understand that swallowing your pride is essential to the longevity of your relationship. You have grown enough to understand that winning an argument and denying it was not as important as maintaining harmony within your relationship.

5. You accept that things cannot always go your way.

You no longer need to decide everything. You no longer need to always have the last word. You are no longer the only one making the decisions. And you accept it without problem. You agree to let go and delegate certain powers to your spouse because you understand that teamwork is important in each relationship. It can’t all be around you and it doesn’t bother you in any way.

6. You are aware of change and you are comfortable with it.

Relationships have the power to change people. Many people are uncomfortable with change. They do not always welcome the fact that a couple relationship seriously affects someone’s personality. But those in solid relationships don’t care about this change. You embrace these changes brought about by your relationship as a couple.

7. You are no longer the only priority in your life.

Now you have to think of someone else and not just you. You have chosen to confuse your life with that of another and that means that from time to time you will have to compromise. But it suits you because you know your relationship is more important than your personal desires.

8. You are challenged to outdo yourself for your partner.

Your relationship pushes you to surpass yourself. You become more and more ambitious and hardworking because you know that your partner does not deserve a mediocre version of you. You constantly want to optimize your capacities and prove yourself worthy of your potential for the well-being of your couple.

9. You willingly take on the stress and pressure your spouse is under.

Everything that makes your partner suffer also makes you suffer. Normally, you would like to be selfish. You have your own stress and worries; why would you go and endorse someone else’s? But now things have changed. Making your spouse’s difficulties yours is right for you because you are a team and you must share both the good and the bad of your respective lives.

10. You accept and love every aspect of your relationship, whether good or bad.

It is no longer just about happy moments. You sincerely adore and cherish each aspect of your relationship. You know that each of the bad times that you will have to cross will only consolidate your relationship in the long term. You understand that relationships can’t always be perfect and that’s fine with you. You see the imperfections of your relationship but still think that you have something special and very beautiful; something worth fighting for.