11 signs that you are dating your future husband

Your future husband may be by your side!

Certainly, you have shared good times with a few men, and each time you have believed it was for life, but to no avail. To know if the one you are currently dating is your future husband, there are certain signs that are not mistaken. If you see these few clues, know that you have found your soul mate.

1.You have complete confidence in him

Before, you have a lot of trouble trusting men. With your exes, you were constantly worried, and you spied on them on social media, and you bombarded them with tons of messages about where they are and who they are with. Now you are a new person thanks to the man who shares your life. You are more peaceful, because you trust him so much that if girls run around him in a club, you only feel pride. You know he is yours, and that he will never dare to betray you.

2.By his side, you are yourself

When you were with your exes, there were only “IFs” in each of your actions: “If I do that, he …”, “If I tell him that, he …” and many others again. But with Jules, you are relaxed and free, and you naturally say what you think without being afraid of what he is going to say or what he is going to do. You are yourself and more relaxed, because you know that he will always try to understand you.

3.He knows how to make you laugh

It’s not a myth, it’s reality: humor is the first weapon of seduction, and your man has a knack for making you crack with his words, his sentences, his humorous expressions. Even in the depths of depression, he can bring a smile to your face, and the coolest thing about it is that he’s the only one who manages to make you laugh so much. In short, you love his humor.

4.You have the same vision for the future

For a relationship to be lasting, lovers must have the same plans for the future and be on the same wavelength. If Jules sees the future as you see it, your romance is sure to last a very long time. You want children later, too, you want to get married, too, you want a happy and fulfilled family, too …

5.Your parents fell in love with him too

For romance to work well, parents need to have a good relationship with your guy. With your previous partners, they always found some things to say, but with Jules, they rather throw praise… they just love him. For them, he is the perfect son-in-law, the one who will manage to make their daughter happy.

6. he’ll be a great father

Until now, the idea that your boyfriend would make a great father has never crossed your mind. But seeing your man taking care of you and how he behaves around you, you have come to the conclusion that he will make a great dad for your children later on. In addition, he is very comfortable with your little nephew. No doubt, he will be a GREAT father.

7.he’s always cool even if you’re super nervous

Coming home from work, you boil with anger at the pressure your boss is putting on you, but your man doesn’t flinch when he sees you, even though he’s had a hard day too. What he does is try to calm you down with sweet words while hugging you.

8.He’s also your best friend

With your guy, you manage to talk about anything and everything without embarrassment… In addition to being your lover, he is also your lover, your best friend, your confidant, your protector … With him, you are free, free to tell everything, to waltz like crazy, to express your opinions, to be tipsy in front of him… but he will never judge you.

9.Whatever he does, you still love him

He’s not the perfect guy who does absolutely everything exactly the way you want to. Even when he’s super focused watching his soccer game or trying to explain a shot on goal while stinking full of beer, you still love him, and you still find him so cute, even if next to him, you want to watch a film with rose water.

10.He knows how to reassure you

The guys you’ve dated before were either too bad or too soft. But your current lover is the perfect balance between the two: tender on the inside and manly on the outside. With him, you naturally feel protected, and you have the impression that nothing bad can happen to you.

11.In addition to being attentive, he is considerate

With your old boyfriends, you no longer know what to do, because one day they were madly in love, and another, they were indifferent. Which is the opposite of your man right now who is always caring and considerate to you. Instead of sending you tons of messages, he takes his time calling you. In short, he’s a real man, not a teenager with boiling hormones.