8 phrases that make singles cringe

The most hated remarks of lonely hearts!

Most of the time, it’s when you’ve just broken up with your boyfriend and you’re alone that the whole world is most interested in your love life. Looks like all your relatives want to settle in with the first comer. The celibate life isn’t that bad, but when the remarks come from couples and others, it gets annoying in the long run.

1.You shouldn’t be so picky

Many thanks for the advice. Next time you run into a boring, clumsy guy while shopping, immediately offer to move in with you. The good side of things is that this guy, you will keep him for life, because for sure no one will steal him.

2.You will see, love will fall on you without you expecting it

Yes, maybe, but who will tell you that I’m sitting there right now waiting for my soul mate. In any case, the celibate life is not that bad.

3.Have you ever thought of trying with a woman?

“I’m not sure I like men, well, I’ll try again, and we’ll see. »People around you are not yet sure of your s**xual orientation and think that you too are not. And to think that he thinks you don’t know what you want given the number of guys you’ve been screwing since high school!

4.It must be fun going out with a different guy every night

Yes, everyone thinks celibate life is turning on guys at a club every night, and every time, bringing one home. Except that between the little evening in front of a hot film with hot pink water and an entire evening perched on 10 cm of super uncomfortable heels, the choice is quickly made.

5.Have you tried dating sites?

Yes, you know Meetic, no need to say more or add that the cousin of a colleague met her husband through dating sites. Except that once the effervescence of the first 10 minutes is over, the experience very quickly turns sour. 20 charms received in less than 2 minutes, and the messages ignite, but after the “hello, how are you”, it is immediately “at your place or at my place” or “turn on the camera”. Annoyed, you turn off the computer, and you’re not ready to come back.

6.I don’t know how you manage to be single again?

Go ahead, take out your sarcasm, no one will blame you: “I wax myself no longer, I no longer wash myself, and I drool over the men who hit on me …”

7.Otherwise, do you have a guy at the moment?

“No, since I’m here talking to you, if I had a guy, I’d be with him right now.” Anyway, I don’t think it has changed since yesterday. The worst part is when he adds by saying “Don’t you feel too lonely?” »Ending with« You should adopt a cat or any other pet! ”

8. Are you okay?

Celibacy is not a disease, so stop asking this question. It’s just a shorter or longer period of life. If it ever doesn’t go well, don’t worry, I’ll talk to you right away.