11 signs you are in love with your best friend and what you should do

Am I in love with my best friend?

If you’ve been wondering about it a lot lately, it’s time for you to stop and start seriously analyzing your feelings.

The boundaries between friendship and love can become a bit blurred in certain situations, especially when it comes to a long-term friendship. But don’t worry, with this article we will help you to know the answer.

1: You think they would make a good match

You know your best friend, you know what his likes, hobbies, and insecurities are. Based on all this information, do you think the relationship they would have would be good for you?

If you often find yourself thinking about what a good match they would make, it’s probably a sign that you have feelings for him.

2: You think it’s worth the risk

Remember that, even with many years of friendship, it is likely that the courtship with your best friend will not work and they probably should have a simple friendship again.

It is also likely that after you finish, he does not want to be your friend again or you are the one who does not feel comfortable with the idea. Do you think it is worth the risk?

If you have already thought about this and your conclusion is that you are willing to take the opportunity to be a partner with your best friend, then it is a sure sign that you are in love with him.

3: It is much more than a habit

It may happen that after many years of friendship and good times, the bonds of trust confuse you and you think it is time to take “the next step.”

You must be sure that you really want a relationship with your best friend and you are not being controlled by the comfort or the habit of always being with him.

4: You don’t want it just because you “can’t have it”

Let’s face it: we all love forbidden passions. Perhaps your mind believes that dating your best friend is not possible and that is why the idea seems so attractive to you. You must be sure that you are actually in love with him and not just with the idea that being with him represents.

Once you have realized that starting a relationship with your best friend is not impossible, you can reassess your feelings. If you still feel the same as before, then you can be sure that it is not just a whim.

5: You feel jealous when you see him with other girls

As a friend, you should support him in his relationships and be there for him if something goes wrong, but are you comfortable doing this?

If you have a crush on your best friend, you probably don’t want to see him with other girls, so you will feel upset or even sad when he hangs out with them.

6: Your attraction to him is not just physical

It is likely that there are sparks between you and your best friend, but before you say: “ok, I’m in love with my best friend”, you must be sure that the attraction goes far beyond physical appearance, and that their personalities are also compatible.

7: He’s more important than other guys you date

We know that many times a friendship is more important in our lives than a casual relationship or one that is just beginning. But if your friend is always above the hierarchy of your boyfriends, it is because you feel something important for him.

You may “know” that you have to prioritize your boyfriend or your family or school. But if deep down what you always want is to be with him even if you don’t, you’re definitely in love.

8: Trust  him

Your years of friendship have probably taught you a lot about that person, so do you trust him? Trust is one of the fundamental keys to maintaining a good relationship.

However, do not be too strict with this aspect, remember that part of that trust will be created during the courtship.

9: You feel comfortable being with him

Your answer is probably: “Yes, that’s why I’m her best friend.” You clearly feel comfortable around him, but will you still feel that way when you have to share all your time with him, have to take him to your family gatherings, and introduce him as your partner?

If the answer to all of these questions is yes, then your best friend could become your boyfriend.

10: You consider your friendship to be strong enough

Your friendship should be strong enough to get through this news in case he doesn’t reciprocate.

Once you confess your feelings, there will be no going back, therefore, you must ask yourself if your friendship will be able to move forward, even if things do not go well. Evaluate the pros and cons of the situation and make a decision based on it.

11: He makes you happy

It is not just feeling butterflies in your stomach when you are with him, does it make you laugh? Do you feel that you are braver when you are with him? Does their support help you face new challenges?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then it is likely that you are in love with your best friend and it is time to accept it.