11 Ways To Get A Man’s Attention Without Despair

Want to know how to get a man’s attention or get his attention without sounding desperate or too obvious? Then check out these 11 tips below that will make him pay more attention to you again.

How To Get A Man’s Attention Without Looking Desperate?

And all of a sudden, this happened: the guy you were into or your boyfriend, partner… lost interest in you, slowly or suddenly.

Up until months or even weeks ago he was highly interested, willing and enthusiastic, but lately he’s been less excited to see you, taking time to respond to your messages and now you want his attention back without seeming too desperate.

Love is strange.

Situations like this often happen.

Attraction and feelings for another person often fluctuate, wax and wane depending on the weather, they are like waves that come and go.

Everyone has been there, even you’ve been in the situation of the man you want to get attention for.

You liked the guy and out of nowhere all that attraction went away.

In case, the man you are thinking about is going through something similar.

Was it something you said or did? Chances are good it won’t.

Attraction can wane on its own.

Anyone who has experience starting over dating knows that the early stages of a romance are a very fickle place.

Okay, but what do I do in this situation? How to get his attention again? Here are some clever ways to get him to pay more attention to you again.

Clever ways to get a man’s attention.

  1. Don’t be accommodated.
  2. When you see him, make him feel good and have fun.
  3. Avoid spoiling his mood I will put him down.
  4. Make it very clear that you don’t want anything from him.
  5. Don’t forget physical attraction.
  6. Along with it, be proactive.
  7. Find a way to be alone with him.
  8. Be open to dating or dating other guys.
  9. Take it off the pedestal you put it on.
  10. Have a life that doesn’t include him.
  11. Grow and improve in every aspect of your life for you, not for him or anyone else.

Are you having trouble getting his attention or regaining his attention after his feelings have subsided?

1. Don’t Get Accommodated

In the early stages of a romance, when one doesn’t know the other well, we’re trying to form an opinion, what drives people the most is noticing signs of despair and neediness.

Often you don’t realize that you are too accommodating and end up sending a signal that you are lacking.

Does that mean you shouldn’t be nice and kind? No of course not.

However, it’s important to see if you’re compromising your priorities, your values, and your limits for the other person. If he is, I’m sorry to say he’ll be less interested.

Let’s suppose you’ve made it very clear that you don’t eat meat because you’re vegetarian and that you protect animals., One fine day, your date or boyfriend, that person you’re enjoying, knowing that you’re vegetarian, still offers you a meat dish at a barbecue or order meat at the restaurant for both.

Not wanting to be nasty and not wanting to reject him, you eat.

That’s being complacent and accommodating.

Highly complacent indeed.

You are doing this to make him happy and he will be happy indeed, but later on his interest will wane because you are sending a signal that you are so desperate to please a man who has no standards, values ​​and boundaries.

If he doesn’t see your sense of self-respect, he loses interest, quickly or slowly over time as he notices more signs of complacency.

If what he asks goes against your principles, values ​​and limits, this time say a movie “no”.

2. When You See Him, Make Him Feel Good And Have Fun.

The secret here is context.

In an environment he doesn’t like and you are always in that environment, he will associate his environment and his bad mood with you.

An example of this is when you met him at work and he hates his job.

Dating you means further solidifying his ties to work.

He will talk about work with you and so on.

Try to see him outside of the environment that causes him stress and bad mood.

Invite him to a friendly place.

You’re more likely to get his attention back at a super fun party.


3. Avoid Ruining His Mood Or Putting Him Down.

Are you pessimistic? Negative? Are you always complaining? You may not even have realized that you’ve turned him down.

It is very common to have the habit of talking in a certain way and we end up not even realizing that this way of talking is pessimistic, negative.

Watch the way you talk to him.

Do you see in his face that he left the conversation motivated? Happy? Or is he exhausted and looking down? Did he laugh at the things you said or did he just complain all the time about work, college, family and friends?

4. Make It Clear You Don’t Want Anything From Him.

Nothing turns a man off faster than him realizing he’s being exploited, or feeling that the girl or woman expects something from him or wants something from him beyond simple fun romance.

Your hidden motives can take many forms.

Here are four of the top things you might be sending a message that you want to secretly take advantage of:

  • His social status.
  • His money.
  • The fact that he is 100% a shoulder to cry on and vent your emotions.
  • The possibility of marriage.

Yes, it’s normal for you to be attracted to attributes like financial success and social standing, but if there’s a part of you that’s planning in detail how you can take advantage of it, unless he’s dumb as a door, he’s sure to notice. your intentions and will walk away.

Be interested in this man for the simple fact of being who he is.

Unless he himself is desperate to have you, he is sure to lose interest and walk away when he realizes your intentions to take advantage of him.

Give your companion’s gift for free, without wanting anything in return.

5. Don’t Forget Physical Attraction.

Women tend not to attach much importance to the role that physical attraction plays in a man.

You would date a man of average beauty as long as he was highly self-confident and successful.

You wouldn’t mind him having a toned body with a six-pack.

For men, the equivalent is rarely the truth.

The first requirement for almost all men is that you are physically attractive.

No physical attraction, you’re just good friends.

Does that mean you need to be a perfectly beautiful woman? No of course not.

The expression “physically attractive” has several meanings for different men.

For example, one man may find smaller but natural breasts more attractive and another guy may like large breasts more, whether it’s prosthetic or not.

Most importantly, you don’t need to be perfect for him, you just need to be attractive enough, that’s all.

Check to see if lately you’ve been slacking off on your appearance or dressing in an unattractive way.

It is not recommended to change your appearance just to attract a specific man, but relaxing on your appearance can be a reason why he has lost interest.

When you’re close to him, get rid of your scruffy sweatpants and dress up some more.

After years of being in a relationship, your appearance will be less important, but it will still be important.

However, in the early stages you will have to consider superficial factors of attraction.


6. Together With Him, Be Pro-Active.

Being proactive means casually inviting him to interesting places.

Every now and then, take control to provoke the situation by spending more time with him.

If you spend too much time away from him in the early stages, attraction and feelings can fade.

Note that there is a difference between provoking situations and running after him desperately.

Both need space, otherwise, he will feel suffocated.

In the early stages, once a week and then a few times a week is more than enough.

If he’s more introverted, it’s a good idea to decrease the frequency of your invitations.

7. Find A Way To Be Alone With Him.

Being alone with him, feeling vulnerable, getting to know each other and creating the connection is what we look for in a love relationship at the end of the day.

Going out in a group does not open up opportunities for this.

Men are often afraid to show this more vulnerable side, especially if other people are watching.

So arrange dates with him, just the two of you.

8. Be Open To Going Out And Dating Other Guys.

Blatantly trying to make him jealous is never a good idea, as it almost always backfires.

However, there’s nothing more potent to make a man stand up and take action than seeing that you’re genuinely getting to know other guys.

If he doesn’t follow through on this case or if he doesn’t seem the least bit bothered or even happy to see you moving on, then that’s a very clear sign that he doesn’t have any feelings for you anymore or never has.

And guess what, you’re not missing out on anything in this case.

Now, if he’s up for you, but it means having doubts about going out with you, post one stories on Instagram of two drinks in a cool bar can be a trigger to do it again for you if interested.

The sense of urgency increases when the person realizes that he is about to lose someone he had in his hands.

Being open to meeting other guys will also show him that you’re not clingy or needy… and that he’s not your only option.

This man you can’t get out of your head is just an ordinary guy.

You who put it on the pedestal.

Treat him like an ordinary person and your romance will happen more organically.


9. Take It Off The Pedestal You’ve Placed It.

After being single for a long time, you met a nice guy and you’ve already started to imagine a thousand things with him.

In this situation it is very easy to become obsessed with a man, we are consumed by feelings and attraction.

After the heat of passion passes, we begin to see that I didn’t need to deify him that much.

When you put him on the pedestal, ironically, you are driven to do the exact opposite of what would attract him.

Celebrities don’t stay with fans.

You will appear desperate, even aggressive and in some cases unable to recognize yourself.

Instead of putting him on a pedestal, try to fix in his head the idea that he is just another ordinary human being.

One thing that helps a lot is making a list of his imperfections.

Only then will you be able to create a real connection.

10. Live A Life That Doesn’t Include Him.

Don’t you have any social life that doesn’t include him? This is a symptom of the strange obsession that love causes.

If after meeting him you haven’t continued hanging out with your friends, doing your things with your family or even going on dates with other guys if you’re not exclusive, then that could be a problem.

The minute he thinks he’s your whole life is the minute he’s going to see his interest in you plummet.

By definition, a lifeless person is already less interesting.

Such a situation can lead you into a spiral of unhealthy love depression.

So go out there and do other things with other people.

You’ll get a man’s attention faster if you’re enjoying life on your own.

11. Grow And Improve Every Aspect Of Your Life For You, Not For Him Or Anyone Else.

Going out and having fun is nice, but it’s not by far the most important part.

Do you want to get his attention and take away all this suffering and pass it on to him? Make huge positive changes in your life in general.

I’m not talking about changing your hair or buying new clothes.

This has little impact.

An example of what I’m talking about is this: You have a career and you realize you’ve been stagnant for years in the same job that doesn’t pay well.

Your dream is to change activities within your area, to that opportunity that you noticed or that people are talking about.

You go there and risk giving up your steady job in exchange for more money and greater personal satisfaction.

A bold move like this will attract more people into your life, especially the right people, and will definitely get the attention of a man you want.

Do you dream of getting in shape? Quit radically with all the junk food, join a gym and be disciplined.

Your discipline isn’t just going to get his attention, it’s going to impress him.

However, don’t forget the title of this tip, don’t do all this to impress him, do it for yourself.

Pursuing growth and self-improvement is a great way to spend your time and energy on something that will make your life that much better.

You will look far beyond the possibility of getting his attention or catching a man’s attention.

You will look at the big picture.

The best way to go is the way that has the long term as its focus.


Why Do You Want To Get A Man’s Attention?

Analyze your motives very carefully.

What is that for? Before trying any of these items, why would you want his attention? Will you be happy dating him? Your brain might be believing this, otherwise you wouldn’t be trying to find ways to get a man’s attention again or for the first time.

However, ask yourself: is it worth spending energy thinking about him? Making a few or several of these items revealed here is guaranteed to get his attention, but be aware that there are other men out there who are easier to date, who would be less work and you would be happier and happier with him.