How To Make A Man Only Want You Forever

It feels great when you can make a man you like just want you forever, doesn’t it?

Are you having trouble making this happen?

Maybe you’re really into a guy, you’re hooking up with him, but he’s going out and meeting other women, weighing his options.

Maybe you’ve been in an established relationship for a while, but you’re afraid he might be attracted to other women.

It may also be the case that you are demanding a more serious commitment from him, such as an engagement or marriage.

Whatever your reason for wanting a man to only want you, the highly effective secrets revealed below will help you get there quickly.

Read them all and try to practice at least most of them.

1. Forget About Demanding A More Serious Commitment From Him.

One of the common mistakes that women make in the dynamics of attraction is to demand a more serious commitment from the boyfriend, such as engagement or marriage, or if you are not even dating yet, you demand the commitment of dating so that he does not stay with anyone else and wants to be alone. you and be alone with you.

If you push too hard and push too hard, he’ll be less attracted to you, lose interest, and walk away.

2. Let It Go.

Whatever your situation, there is no reason or need to rush things.

You want him to make a commitment to be alone with you, and you’ll achieve that by being counter-intuitive.

You want to put it on the wall and press it, but what works is almost the exact opposite.

Let things happen naturally, without rushing, while you practice the other tips below.

That way you won’t look like you’re desperate to get a boyfriend.

It won’t be long before he starts seeing you as a future wife.

3. Make Friends With People Close To Him.

Go beyond that and love all the people he thinks are important in his life.

Parents, siblings, friends, relatives… Make an effort to be loved by all of them.

This will already be half the battle.

4. Don’t Regulate Attention And Affection.

Why would a man want to get into a relationship and give up his freedom? Well, one of the very important things that a lot of women ignore is simply his company.

Give him attention and affection.

Support him emotionally in the decisions he is considering and make suggestions.

Do what you can to be a great companion for him… And in the competitive world of relationships, be his best choice as a companion.

5. Make His Life A Good Blend With Yours.

Combining your life with his life bit by bit is a great way to make a man want only you.

This means having a similar routine and similar behavior in general.

Start by mirroring the way he texts and calls.

If he’s not one to say good morning and you say good morning to him every single day, any man will quickly get tired of it, lose interest and look for someone who, like him, only talks as necessary through messaging apps.

6. Show That You Trust Him Fully.

Trusting him from the start shows that you are a confident and self-confident woman.

Demonstration of confidence shows up in things like letting him do whatever he wants and hanging out with friends, or giving him the confidence to complete an important or delicate task for you.

7. Never Put Him On A Pedestal.

Maybe you’ve found in him most of the traits you’re looking for in a man, fell in love with him, and now even thinks he’s way out of your league, idolizing him as a celebrity.

This is a guaranteed way for him to want someone else and not you.

Take him off his pedestal and treat him as an equal, no matter how interesting you find this man.

8. The World Doesn’t Revolve Around Him.

Don’t make this man the center of your world.

He needed something, you are there ready to serve him.

He sent you a message, you reply in 10 seconds.

Always helpful, always available. Another great way to make him want other women.

Have a full schedule, take time to respond to messages that are not so important and learn to be more unavailable to him.

He’ll get bored easily if you’re always available.

Remember, scarcity increases the value of everything.

Show him that he has limited time with you.

He will value you more for it.

9. Increase His Curiosity About You.

Being an open book is a bad idea.

You have no need to explain everything about your life.

Just give him a little taste, he’ll be more curious.

Leave the details for the future, for him to discover over time.

10. Your Girlfriends Are Tired Of Hearing You Talk About This Man.

Also, just talking about him helps you deify this man and you end up screwing things up when you meet him.

11. Get Rid Of Your Insecurities.

Sometimes you don’t even know you’re too needy and too clingy.

This behavior stems from your insecurities.

A man won’t just want you if you exhibit insecure behavior.

It’s perfectly possible to resolve your insecurities and become a more self-confident girl or woman, the main quality that makes men throw themselves at you.

12. Be More Understanding.

Put yourself in his place.

Try to see it from his point of view.

A man who feels he is understood by you has no choice but to choose only you.

13. Target: His Heart.

Many men keep their hearts in a vault surrounded by armed guards.

He has everything you want and has shown interest in you, but winning him over will not be easy.

But once he opens his heart to you, he’s yours alone.

14. Encourage Him Whenever You Can.

You’re great at giving your friends a boost when they’re depressed.

Why not use that skill on him too? he’s certainly not hopeless or you wouldn’t be that interested in him, but not even the most interesting of men are upbeat, high-spirited and motivated all the time.

Give him the encouragement and motivation he needs when he’s down.

15. Take A Basic Trip With Him.

A trip just the two of you together is a great opportunity for you to bond with him while he gets to know new things about you or even a side of you that he didn’t know before and that he’ll eventually fall in love with.

In addition to a trip, there are over 100 fun activities to do with him to bond.

16. For A Man To Only Want You, Put Yourself First.

Love yourself, be the priority.

So you become a woman of high value that men want to conquer.

If you are a lusty woman, he will want you too and only you.

17. Draw Him Like A Magnet.

The big secret to him just wanting you is to increase his attraction to you.

All of these tips will make him feel more attracted to you, and if you do all or at least most of these tips, you’ll synergize and become an incredibly irresistible woman to him.

Be funny, laugh a lot, have a lot of fun.

He will always want to stick with you.

18. He Needs A Reason.

Without at least a few reasons, it’s hard for him to want to take something more serious with you.

What are your qualities that are enough for him to just want you in his life? Go ahead and practice all these tips, and you’ll give him every reason to take you on for good.

19. Show That You Are Trustworthy.

Men also look for signs that they aren’t getting into trouble by getting involved with a woman who is highly likely to be unfaithful.

Give him all the signs you can that you’re a reliable woman, that you won’t cheat on him and will break up with him for whatever silly reason.

20 Things Not To Do For A Man To Just Want You.

The above tips will increase his attraction to you and want commitment, but equally important is to avoid doing unattractive things that make him lose interest and pull away.

  1. Stalk him on social media.
  2. Chase him physically everywhere.
  3. Putting him up against the wall, pushing him to commit all the time.
  4. Turn to his mother or friend to convince him to date you.
  5. Visually look desperate to have him.
  6. Stick to it like glue.
  7. See only your side and not understand his situation.
  8. Being selfish in wanting to know only about you and your feelings.
  9. Criticize, judge and condemn.
  10. Stay stagnant in life and not seek to improve and grow in all areas.
  11. Showing jealousy and insecurity for anything, like women around him and his friends.
  12. Demanding that he spend more time with you or all of his time with you.
  13. Sending irrelevant and unnecessary messages all the time.
  14. Send a second message on the same subject if he didn’t reply to the first one.
  15. I wanted to boss him around and tell him how he should be doing things.
  16. Not giving him space to express his opinions.
  17. Pretend to be who you are not.
  18. Not giving him time to think about something that requires reflection.
  19. Play children’s games.
  20. Talking about your ex .


To make a man only want you is to make him make a commitment, and wanting to force a commitment almost never works.

If you heed the advice mentioned here, things will naturally turn out in your favor.

His appointment will show up on its own.