13 commandments to make her happy

So that she is always filled and fulfilled!

You love her passionately, and you are more and more in love with her every day so, you want more than anything to make her happy. Know that this is not a miracle, because it takes very little to touch her in the heart. If you run out of ideas, we give you the key points so that she is always happy by your side.

1. Her needs, you will satisfy them

Here, we are not talking about the need for a romantic weekend or the need for a handbag, but very simple needs. You can ask her what she wants to eat tonight instead of forcing your choice. Prefer to say, “What do you want for supper?” Instead of: “I really want steaks for dinner!” By doing that, you make her feel like she’s living as a couple, and not for you.

2.Routine, you will move away

If you don’t know how to rekindle the passion, and if you are too unpredictable, your girlfriend will get bored very quickly, because it could lead to a monotonous relationship. To make her happy, you must always show love and care. If ever another guy shows up and convinces her that she deserves better, chances are she will fall into his arms. So, make an effort to surprise her, and each time try new things to keep the flame alive. Of course, do not overdo it, otherwise, she will panic in front of all your little attention.

3. Confidence in yourself, you will have

Keep in mind that a woman doesn’t have to be looking for the most handsome guy, she just wants to run into a confident man who is sure of himself, funny, and intelligent. She chooses her man based on his personality rather than his physical appearance. But if there are both, it’s always better for her.

4.The house chores, you will not forget them

Household chores are to be performed by both the guy and his girlfriend. So, when you take the initiative to put yourself in the stove to prepare dinner or to do the dishes, she will be very grateful and very happy, because she feels supported daily, and she knows that she can always count on you. It is very important to her.

5.Speak with kindness, you will know how to do it

You’ve been with her for months or even years, there are times when you don’t always agree, and that leads to regular tension, but don’t let the emotions get the best of her, and always talk with her kindly using sweet little words so that she knows your attentions and that she no longer doubts the fact that you can leave her no matter what. This is how she will not feel threatened, she is more serene and happier.

6.Listen without formalizing, you will know

Your girlfriend, like all the thousands of women in the world, always needs to talk, unlike men who usually shut down to sort out their worries. She needs a careful ear to vent her feelings, yet you don’t like this situation because you feel obligated to find solutions. But you can listen to her with interest without trying to sort out her worries because she just wants to share her feelings with you.

7.Comments, you will make

To make her feel happy with you, compromise, forget your needs for her own. If she wants to watch a hot movie when you want to watch football on TV, give up. When she sees that you’re ready to give up on something you really want for her, she’s going to feel more loved, but most of all, happier.

8. Compliments, you will do

She changed her hairstyle, she bought a new pair of shoes, a new bag…? Do not hesitate to compliment her, she loves it because she feels more appreciated. It doesn’t matter if she spent a certain amount to treat herself, if you like her, tell her. As a reward, you will have a very nice sincere smile.

9.More attentive, you will be

Your girlfriend loves all the little touches coming from you. Don’t look far, because a simple bouquet of flowers, a chocolate box… can have a lot of effects. Have her delivered roses to the office, she will be very happy, but she can also show off to her office colleagues. Do not wait to celebrate a particular event to give it small gifts. Your little attention goes straight to her heart, and she will be happy with you.

10.Its little flaws, you will forget them

Just like you, your girl has some flaws and qualities, but don’t focus on those bad sides, instead focus on her good sides. This is how she will feel happy and fulfilled in the relationship.

11.Your responsibilities, you will take them

You will gladly do what is within your purview, and you do not wait, like changing the lamp in the living room, fixing the leaking sink, putting the raclette machine at the top of the shelf after use… Not that she won’t know how to do them, but taking on certain tasks shows your involvement in life as a couple. She will immediately feel happy.

12. Make her jealous, you’ll forget

Avoid making her jealous by checking out the other women in the street in front of her. It does not help you to make her happy, on the contrary, she will have feelings of insecurity and will immediately experience jealousy. She needs a guy to protect her, and she wants to feel loved to be happy to be in love with you.

13.Act unexpectedly, you will

Know that love shouldn’t be predictable. To make her happy, always try to surprise her, for example by picking her up at her office with flowers in her hand, by calling her unexpectedly … because love is a feeling of happiness then, share it. This is what differentiates the happy couple from the boring couple.