14 signs that show that he is not in love with you

Are you in love with a man who seems to ignore you? Do you feel that something is wrong and would you like to know the elements that could confirm or refute your suspicions about your partner’s love? These signs listed in this article will certainly help you discover if your man is really in love with you or if he accepts you just because you meet some of his criteria.

Sometimes we are too caught up in the feelings we feel to realize whether or not our partner feels the same as us. We commit ourselves and we quickly become amorous optimists. Here is a list of some reactions from your man that proves that he is not really in love with you. 

  1. He is not open emotionally 

In general, when you do not consider someone, you do not bother to talk about yourself. If your man does not share his emotions with you from time to time, it means that he is not interested in your opinion. 

  1. He’s getting closer to you just to make love to you 

You think at that moment that he is passionately in love with you, but you are very quickly disappointed when he locks on himself after getting what he wanted. 

  1. You realize he never went out with someone 

He was never interested in relationships. It’s just the attention you gave her at the beginning of your relationship that interested her, not your own person.  

  1. He does not like to show his love in public

It may seem a bit odd to make big romantic scenes in public but if your man can not even hold your hand or give you a simple kiss in the presence of a third person, this can sometimes be a problem.

  1. He keeps in touch with his ex-girlfriends 

Even if he says he has turned the page, you notice that he did not completely cut the cord with his former girlfriends and keeps with them special relationships. This may be proof that he is not totally devoted to you, otherwise, he would be disrespectful in doing so. 

  1. Sometimes you feel like a stranger by his side

When you are in his company, he seems to ignore you. You feel like a stranger by her side. If this happens to you, it’s certainly not something positive.

  1. He knows you in a superficial way 

If you prefer to think that you know each other well enough, we advise you to do a little game of couple by asking him questions about you to determine how much he knows you, you will realize that he does not know much about you. 

  1. He’s always trying to escape the arguments

You notice that every time you start a delicate subject, your man tries to escape the discussion by talking about something else. This behavior shows that he is not ready to fight to solve any problem. 

  1. He never seems to care about the future of your relationship 

He does not invest much and almost never talks about his plans for your couple. It may tend to be interested only in the present life and shows no sign of forecasting for the long term.

  1. He does not seem interested in your well-being 

In the couple, the spouses must take care of each other. If you notice that your man does not seem to care about you, pay attention to this detail.

  1. He spends more time with his friends than with you 

He does not ask you to break the relationship, but you almost never have time for a tête à tête with him because he is always with his friends. 

  1. He does not invest in your discussions

You have the impression that he is always thinking of something else when you talk to him. It does not show enthusiasm or interest in what you say.

  1. You have never met family  members

If he was really in love with you, he would have been eager to show you to his family. Ask yourself why he has not done it yet.

  1. You simply have a bad feeling

If you just feel like something is wrong, trust your instinct. Doubts can sometimes be true.